Completing the Sunbet Register

Sunbet Register in 4 Steps (Even Though You Shouldn't Sign Up)

28 June 2021

So you’re looking to complete the Sunbet Register? We have you covered! Even though there are a number of other bookmakers we would rather use, below you can learn how to sign up with Sunbet.

Why You Shouldn't Register with Sunbet

Sunbet's dated website will keep you guessing, that's for sure.

The app takes forever to load and logs you out regularly. What's more is that the operator requires you to frequently change your password, which makes it easy to forget which password will activate your account.

Overall, they're a far shot off from Betway and Hollywoodbets.

Aside from the two mentioned above, we'd use one of these other betting sites instead of Sunbet:

Better Betting Sites Than Sunbet

  1. 100% up to R1000
    as a Free Bet

  2. R25 in Free Bets
    + 50 Free Spins

  3. 100% up to R5000

  4. Up to R3000 Deposit Match
    + 300 Free Spins

  5. Deposit Bonuses up to R5000
    + R50 Free Bet & 100 Free Spins

  6. R50 Sign Up Bonus
    + 50 Free Spins

  7. 100% up to R15 000
    + R50 Free Bet

  8. Up to R6000 Deposit Match
    & R50 Free Bet

  9. 100% up to R3000

Sport bonus:

100% up to R1000

Turnover: 3x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.5 Bonus code: No Code

  • If however, you’d like to find out more, and desire a guide on how to get the job done, take a look at our table of contents below!
Table Of Contents
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

This article is dedicated to providing you with the only Sunbet register guide you will ever need. We will provide you with all the factors that you should be considering before going ahead with the Sunbet sign up, each of which can be found in the list below:

What I Need to Complete the Sunbet Register?

Sunbet Register 4 Step Guide

Will I Get a Bonus After Completing My Sunbet Register?

What Can I Expect to Find After Completing My Sunbet Register?

Is Completing the Sunbet Register Safe?

Is Completing the Sunbet Register Legal?

Do I Need to FICA to Complete the Sunbet Register Process?

How Do I Complete the Sunbet Register on Mobile?

You can go ahead and click on one of the quick links to jump straight to the topic that interests you, or read on to find out more about what it takes to complete the Sunbet sign up!

Sunbet homepage mock up

What You Need to Complete the Sunbet Register

Like with plenty of things out there, getting started requires the existence of a couple things. If you go out running for the first time, you will need the right kit and running shoes. The same can be said for completing the sunbet register for the first time.

Don’t fret however, if you’ve found yourself on this article, it is most likely that you have access to all the things you need already!
Sunbet Register Check List
  • Take a look at the list of things below that need to be in place in order to complete the Sunbet Register

What you need to complete the Sunbet Register

🔞 You Need to be Over 18

In South Africa, as with most of the world, the legal age for engaging in gambling activities is 18.

It is in fact illegal for you to be under the age of 18 and engage in any gambling practices. If you were to do so, you, and the establishment offering you the gambling services would stand to be liable to fines or worse forms of punishment.

We also don’t recommend lying, as when it comes to verifying your account via FICA, you won’t have the option to falsify any information.

📱 You Need to Have a Device

In order to sign up with any betting site, regardless of where you are in the world, you will need some kind of device in order to get the job done.

Types of devices that will do the trick include a smartphone, PC or tablet.

The truth is if you’re reading this article, you’ll most likely have access to a device, but we thought we’d make it clear either way.

📶 You Need to Have an Internet Connection

In order to access Sunbet on your device, you need to have access to the internet. In this case, either being connected to wifi, or having a positive data balance is what it will take.

Unfortunately, Sunbet does not offer a data free version of their site, so whether you’re using the desktop version or mobile version, you will need to have access to the internet to use their service.

🤓 You Need to Have Some Knowledge

Completing the sunbet register is somewhat futile if you don’t in fact possess some sports related knowledge.

The very reason you’d be looking to complete the process in the first place is to use their platform to place bets on atleast one of the sports they offer on their impressive platform.

Our advice: know your sport/s. Study up, follow leagues and games, and simply make sure you’re in the know.

Sunbet Register 4 Step Guide

So now that you have a good idea of why you should complete the Sunbet register, and what you’ll need to see through your Sunbet sign up, we believe it’s time to answer the million dollar question you’ve all been waiting for.

In this section, we will teach how to go through each of the steps involved in completing the Sunbet register process.

Completing the Sunbet register process is a walk in the park, but we've drawn up a guide for those of you who need a hand!
Sunbet Register Guide
  • Read the steps below that need to be followed in order successfully complete the Sunbet register process.

Step 1 - Click on one of our Buttons

If you’ve spent some time on this page, you will notice that there are a couple of buttons spread across the article. These buttons are placed throughout the article in order to give you the option to get straight to Sunbet’s website.

Sunbet and their impressive platform are just one click away!

The first step in the process of completing the Sunbet register is to click on one of these buttons, which will take you straight to Sunbet’s website.

Go Ahead, Sunbet's just a click away

  1. Click Here to Get to Sunbet 👉

Step 2 - Click on Sign Up

Once you’ve been successfully transported to Sunbet’s website via one of our buttons, the next step in the process is to click on "Sign Up" on Sunbet’s website.

The button is easy enough to find - it can be found in the top right hand corner of the homepage.
  • Take a look at the screenshot below to have a look at where you can find the sign up button
Sunbet Homepage Annonate

Clicking on the Sunbet Sign Up button is what allows you to access the registration form, which needs to be filled out in order to create your account.

Step 3 - Fill in your Details

As mentioned in the step above, once you have clicked on the "Sign Up" button, the next step in the process of the Sunbet register process is to go ahead and fill in all of the details that are required from you by Sunbet to create an account.

Most of the details that are required from you are simple everyday details that you’ll most likely be able to access off the top of your head!
Sunbet Register Details

Some of the details that are required of you to complete the Sunbet Sign Up include:

  1. You name and surname - be sure to correctly spell your name
  2. Your contact details - phone number and email address
  3. Your address - to measure against when handing in FICA documents
  4. Your income source - to ensure that your intentions are good
  5. Your ID number - to ensure that you are indeed a real person

… and a few others.

  • You can click on the dropdown to view the full list of details needed to complete the Sunbet Register Process:
Sunbet Register Details
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

These are the details needed to create an account on Sunbet. This is further the order in which the details for the Sunbet register process appear on the registration form:

  1. Select South African ID/Passport Number - enter details in the space provided
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Full names and Last Name
  4. Mobile number
  5. Email Address
  6. Username
  7. Password
  8. Promo Code (optional)
  9. Source of Income
  10. Select preferred source of communication

All of the details can be found on one registration form, that is contained in one page of the website, making the sign up process that much easier!

Sunbet sign up mock up guy

Sunbet's sign up form is a breeze to complete!

Step 4 - Click on Sign Up

The final step in the Sunbet register process is to click on the Sign Up Button that is found right at the bottom of the registration form. The button lights up into an yellow/orange colour if you have filled in all the necessary fields.

It will however remain grey if you have left any required information blank.

Clicking the sign up button confirms your desire to sign up and complete the Sunbet register process
Sunbet Register Buttons

Now that you’ve clicked on the sign up button, you will officially have completed the Sunbet Register process, and will now have a Sunbet account that is activated and ready to go!

  • If you’re unsure of where on the registration form to find the sign up button, take a look at the screenshot below
Sunbet Sign Up Button Annonate

The Sign Up Button will change from Grey to Yellow once you fill in all the required fields

Can I Get a Bonus After the Sunbet Register?

Good question! You’re head’s in the right place if you’re asking these types of questions. We are very happy to announce that you will receive a fantastic deposit bonus that is awarded to all players signing up and completing the Sunbet register for the first time!

All new Sunbet users get a welcome bonus of 100% up to R1000 - one of the best deposit bonuses in the country!
Sport bonus:

100% up to R1000

Turnover: 3x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.5 Bonus code: No Code

This means that if you were to deposit any amount up to R1000, you will receive the same amount in bet credits from Sunbet, giving you double the money you deposited to bet with.

If you were to deposit more than R1000 however, the most Sunbet would give you is R10000.

Getting your Sunbet Sign up Bonus is a fairly simple process. All you need to do once you have completed the Sunbet register process is make a deposit. Sunbet accepts deposits via 6 different methods.

  • If you’d like to learn about how to complete your first deposit with Sunbet and get your Sunbet Sign Up offer , click on the dropdown box below
How to Deposit and Get your Sunbet Sign Up Bonus
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

It’s important to note that the guide provided below is very much a basic guide that can be followed when using most of Sunbet’s deposit methods. The most important thing to do however is to read the instructions provided for each deposit method.

That aside, here’s the general guide below:

  1. Login to your Sunbet Account
  2. Click on Deposit
  3. Select the Deposit Method of your choice
  4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit
  5. Click on “Deposit”
  6. Follow the relevant instructions
  7. Confirm Your payment
  • Your Sunbet Sign Up Bonus will be waiting for you as soon as you confirm your payment!

Available Deposit Methods on Sunbet

Sunbet Deposit Methods

Get a 100% Deposit Bonus up to R1000 on your first deposit

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. EFT Secure
  4. EFT
  5. 1ForYou Voucher
  6. OTT Voucher

Sunbet Deposit Methods Mock Up

What can I expect to find after the Sunbet Register?

If you’re one of the folks that are perhaps a little hesitant of signing up with Sunbet, then this section is the one for you. It’s already been mentioned early on in this article that Sunbet do not have the same level of popularity compared to other betting sites, but we honestly cannot see why.

Sunbet hosts a phenomenal platform that offers an amazing sportsbook, market leading odds, tons of promos and plenty more!

Sunbet have prioritised sports betting above all else, so while they make lack slighly in the betting games department, they more than make up for it with the rest of their impressive offering.

Sunbet Features Rankings

Is Completing the Sunbet Register Safe?

We understand that you may have some concerns surrounding safety, especially since you’re giving off a lot of very sensitive information when completing the Sunbet Register. It’s wise of you to have these concerns in the first place.

We are however happy to announce, however, that completing the Sunbet register is absolutely safe, as they employ the services of sophisticated encryption software that ensures that your information, along with your money is safe from any online troublemakers.

Guaranteed, your info, and money are absolutely safe with Sunbet!
Sunbet Register Safe

If your info was not safe in the hands of Sunbet, they probably wouldn’t be in business in the first place.

The licensing authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of betting sites take their roles very seriously, ensuring that you can rest easy knowing your info and money are safe.

Is Completing the Sunbet Register Legal?

We are happy to announce that everything about Sunbet is legal, from betting with them, depositing with them, withdrawing money from them.. All of it is absolutely legal and within the bounds of the law.

But you may be wondering how we can assure you of this with so much conviction?

Sunbet proudly advertise that they are licensed with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

As soon as betting sites get licensed, they make it a priority to advertise it on their front page in order to give users peace of mind.

  • You can check on the screenshot below to find out where Sunbet advertise their license:
Sunbet License Annonate

Sunbet are licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

You can rest easy knowing that Sunbet are licensed, making their platform absolutely legal and free from any wrongdoing.

Do I Need FICA for the Sunbet Register?

Fortunately, you do not need to hand in any FICA documents in order to complete the Sunbet Register.

Furthermore, you won’t need to hand in any FICA documents before you deposit, or before you receive your welcome bonus. All those processes can be done without handing in any documents.

You will however need to FICA your account in order to withdraw any of your winnings.
Sunbet Register FICA

The FICA process is essentially the last step in the process when it comes to full account activation. In order to get your hands on any winnings, you will need to submit your FICA documents to Sunbet sometime after you’ve completed the Sunbet Register.

  • Click on the dropdown below to learn how to submit your FICA documents to Sunbet
How to FICA after your Sunbet Register
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Below you can find the steps needed to be taken in order to FICA your account after you’ve completed the Sunbet Register.

  • Note: We recommend getting this process done sooner rather than later, as once you’ve done it, you can tick it off, and it’ll be out of your hair.

To FICA your Sunbet Account:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on “My Account”
  3. Click on “My Profile”
  4. Click on FICA documentation
  5. Upload the documents from your device
  6. Click on Submit

...and that’s it!

How do I complete the Sunbet Register on Mobile?

With the steep rise in popularity of mobile betting in South Africa, this article would be truly incomplete if we were to omit a section about how to complete the Sunbet register on mobile. More and more South Africans are betting on mobile, and signing up with mobile betting sites.

Luckily for you however, completing the Sunbet register process is pretty much identical on desktop and mobile.

The only real difference between signing up with Sunbet on mobile and desktop is the size of the screen.

Either way, we have included a mobile optimised guide that can be found in by clicking the dropdown below:

Steps to Complete the Sunbet Register on Mobile
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

While the processes of completing the Sunbet register process on desktop and mobile are almost identical, here is the list of steps that need to be completed in order to sign up with Sunbet on Mobile.

  • Note: We recommend signing up on a desktop device if you have access to a laptop or PC. The registration form along with all of the buttons are just layed out a little bit better.

To Sign Up on Sunbet Via Mobile:

  1. Click on one of our buttons
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill in your personal details in the spaces provided
  4. Click on Sign up at the bottom of the Sign Up form

And that's a wrap!

And that's just about everything you need to know (and more) about completing the Sunbet Register Process! The last thing you need to go ahead and do is click on one of our buttons to start the process! Happy Betting!

Sport bonus:

100% up to R1000

Turnover: 3x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.5 Bonus code: No Code

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