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BoyleSports Fantasy5: How It Works (€5,000 Jackpot)

20 September 2022

Put your FPL skills to the test with BoyleSports’ brilliant free-to-play game, Fantasy5, and stand a chance of taking home the weekly jackpot of €5,000.

BoyleSports Fantasy5

What is it?

BoyleSports' Fantasy5 is a free-to-play game based on the popular Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game. There’s a new Fantasy5 game for each Premier League gameweek.

How does it work?

You need to pick 5 players from 5 different Premier League games pre-selected by BoyleSports. Each of the five players you select must beat their fantasy points target set by BoyleSports for you to win.

BoyleSports Fantasy5

You need to have a BoyleSports account to play

If you’re not already a customer, join today and claim our exclusive BoyleSports Sign Up Offer.

What can I win?

Fantasy5 Prizes
5/5 correct€5,000
4/5 correct€10 Free Bet
3/5 correct€5 Free Bet
2/5 correct€3 Free Bet

Note: The prize pot is split if two or more customers are successful in selecting five players who score more than the projected points.

Other prizes include:

    • A PS5 for being top of the leaderboard at the end of the month

    • A football shirt of the customer's choice for being top of the leaderboard at the end of the week.

Cool. How do players score points then?

Fantasy5 follows the same points scoring system as the regular FPL game. If you’re unfamiliar with these, or, just need reminding, here are the rules:

Fantasy Football Rules - How players scores points

Goal Scorer Points

  • Keeper or Defender: 6
  • Midfielder: 5
  • Forward: 4

Assist Points

  • Any Player: 3

Playing Time

  • Up to 60 minutes: 1
  • 60 minutes or more: 2

Clean Sheet

  • Keeper or Defender: 4
  • Midfielders: 1


  • Every 3 shots saved by a goalkeeper: 1


  • Penalty Saved: 5
  • Penalty Miss: -2

Goals conceded

  • Every 2 goals conceded by a keeper or defender: -1


  • Yellow Card: -1
  • Red Card: -3

Own Goals

  • Each Own Goal: -2

Sounds great! Have you got any tips for how to play?

BoyleSports has its own Fantasy5 Insider to advise punters on the most in-form players to target each week. But having played the game a few times already, here's my best tips:

BoyleSports Fantasy5 Tips
Nick Albert

Nick Albert

One of the best things about BoyleSports Fantasy5 is you can pick the players you want; you don't have to worry about any budget constraints.

But bear in mind the top players come with high scores. It might be unrealistic to think five elite players will all score highly (unless you have five Erling Haaland's of course!)

Balance is key to any winning team, right?

Choosing a blend of players (not just the best ones like De Bruyne, Salah and the aforementioned Haaland) might give you a better chance of making sure every player meets their target.

If you’re new to FPL, you're best to do some research before making your picks. Checking player stats including starts, goals and assists is the way to make sure you bag the points you need!

Right, I’m in. How do I get started?

Just follow the steps below to get the ball rolling.

How to play BoyleSports Fantasy Five


Log in to BoyleSports

To play Fantasy Five, you need to register with BoyleSports or log in to your account.


Go to Fantasy 5 game

Head to the top menu and click Fantasy5, or alternatively select the promotions tab on the bottom of our screen and scroll to find Fantasy5.


View the round of games

Click 'Get Started' and you’ll be presented with the list of games from which you will select your players.


Select your five players

Use all your FPL knowledge to pick one player from each of the five games selected by BoyleSports. Confirm your picks, then, sit back in your armchair and wait for kick-off.


Watch your points roll in

All five players must beat their individual fantasy points target for you to be in with a chance of winning 5 grand.

Comparing Fantasy5 with other free-to-play games

You know what it is, and how it works and we've even shared some tips on how to win.

But how does BoyleSports Fantasy5 compare with the free-to-play games you'll find on other Irish online bookies?

💰 Jackpot

As you can see, the €5,000 up for grabs is incredibly generous and as good as you'll find here in Ireland.

  • BoyleSports Fantasy5 - €5,000
  • BetVictor Pick 6 - €1000
  • Ladbrokes 1-2-Free - €100
  • Coral Football Super Series - €50
🥈Other prizes

Even if you missed out on the top prize, BoyleSports ensures punters don't go home empty-handed. There are consolation free bets and customers who are on top of the monthly/weekly leaderboard get top prizes including a PS5 or a choice of football shirt worth €80. Not bad!

  • BoyleSports Fantasy5 - Leaderboard prizes, Free Bets, Gaming Spins
  • BetVictor Pick 6 - Free Bets
  • Ladbrokes 1-2-Free - Free Bets
  • Coral Football Super Series - Free Bets
⚽ Game type

BoyleSports provides a refreshing alternative from trying to predict the result or scoreline of a match, which, as you know from placing your acca, can be quite difficult!

  • BoyleSports Fantasy5 - Fantasy points predictions
  • BetVictor Pick 6 - Match result predictor
  • Ladbrokes 1-2-Free - Match score predictor
  • Coral Football Super Series - Match stats predictor

BoyleSports Fantasy5 - What's the verdict?

A huge jackpot, generous consolation prizes and the chance to claim the bragging rights amongst your mates (all for free) - what's not to like?

BoyleSports Fantasy5 is an instant draw thanks to the huge jackpot and familiarity of the Fantasy Premier League game.

Even if you're not so big on FPL, you can still use your football knowledge to choose five players you feel will perform well.

And if you're not into football at all, you can choose random players and still potentially win a load of cash or a free bet!

    ✅ Generous jackpot May not appeal if you don't play FPL
    ✅ Prizes & free bets even if you don't win
    ✅ Play in mini-leagues with mates

    BoyleSports Fantasy5 FAQs

    Is BoyleSports Fantasy Five free to play?

    Yes, you do not need to put your hand in your pocket whatsoever. However, the game is only available for existing BoyleSports customers.

    You need to sign up with BoyleSports in order to get access to their full offering.

    Is it worth playing BoyleSports Fantasy5?

    You have nothing to lose and up to €5,000 to gain, so why not? Even if you don’t win the jackpot, you can still get free bets and weekly/monthly leaderboard prizes.

    Can I play Fantasy5 even if I don’t play FPL?

    Yes, absolutely. The rules for BoyleSports’ Fantasy5 game are straightforward. Even non-FPL players will follow the aim of the game.

    Who can play BoyleSports Fantasy5?

    Irish punters aged 18+ with a BoyleSports account can play.

    Is BoyleSports Fantasy5 and the other Fantasy5 game the same?

    Yes, it's the same game, just under BoyleSports branding. BoyleSports has partnered with the software supplier 20SHOTS to offer their free-to-play game to customers. However, as a BoyleSports customer, you will enter a completely separate Fantasy5 game from the original.