Hollywoodbets Mobile

How to Use Hollywoodbets Mobile

7 May 2021

Hollywoodbets offers one of the best mobile betting sites, so we've dedicated an article explaining how to use it. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Use Hollywoodbets Mobile

To use Hollywoodbets on mobile, you'll need to visit the site through our dedicated Hollywoodbets mobile sign up link. Once you are on their website, you'll need to click on the green “JOIN NOW” text. That will lead to a set of details fields appearing, which you will need to fill with your personal information. Once you've created your account, you will receive R25 in free bets that you need to use within 24 hours.

As R25 isn't much to bet with, you will need to make a deposit with the bookmaker, and then you'll be able to place bets. If you win a few bets, you'll need to FICA your account, which needs to be done before withdrawing on their mobile website.

Steps to Use Hollywoodbets Mobile

To use Hollywoodbets, you simply need to follow the 6 steps listed below. If you're not sure about following one of the steps, click on red link, which will take you to a guide on this page explaining how to do the step:

  1. How to join Hollywoodbets’ Mobile Site
  2. How to claim a bonus from Hollywoodbets Mobi
  3. How to deposit with Hollywoodbets Mobile
  4. How to make Hollywoodbets Mobile Bets
  5. How to FICA on Hollywoodbets Mobile
  6. How to Withdraw on Hollywoodbets Mobile

How to Join Hollywoodbets Mobile Site

The first step in learning how to use Hollywoodbets Mobile is learning how to sign up with them. Signing up is always the easiest part of the process and it generally only ever requires two minutes of your time.

Joining Hollywoodbets can be done in record time!

Signing up with Hollywoodbets’ Mobile Site can be kickstarted by clicking on the green claim button below which will take your straight to their awesome website

Join Hollywoodbets Now!

  1. Join Hollywoodbets Today 👉

In order to join up with South Africa’s favourite bookmaker, you will need to provide them with a bunch of different personal details, including:

  1. Your name and surname
  2. Your phone number
  3. Your email address
  4. Your physical address
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Your ID number

...As well as a few other details

Hollywoodbets Register Mock Up

How to Claim A bonus from Hollywoodbets Mobi

Claiming your bonus from Hollywoodbets Mobile doesn’t change much in practice when comparing the process to how you’d get your bonus on their desktop site. Quite simply, your bonus will reflect immediately after your account is registered.

All you need to do to get your Hollywoodbets Bonus is sign up with them!
Sport bonus:

R25 in Free Bets
+ 50 Free Spins

Turnover: 1x bonus amount Lowest odds: 0.5 Bonus code: No Code

Now that you know what kind of details Hollywoodbets will require from you when you want to sign up, we will go through the exact process of how to create your account, and get your R25 Free Bet.

  1. Click here to get to Hollywoodbets Mobi
  2. Click on Register Now when you’re on their site
  3. Fill in all the details required
  4. Click on Submit

And that’s all it takes! As soon as your new account has been activated, R25 will be credited to your account!

Hollywoodbets Sign Up Offer
Hollywoodbets Bonus Terms and Conditions
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

These are the significant Ts and Cs attached to Hollywoodbets’ Bonus:

  1. The bonus is only made available to new players
  2. The bonus amount must be used within the first 24 hours of it being credited
  3. The bonus amount must be turned over in full on events with odds no less than 0.5
  4. FICA documentation is not required to access the bonus

How to Deposit with Hollywoodbets Mobile

If you’re unsure about online or mobile payments don’t fret, Hollywoodbets’ mobile site makes the process unbelievably simple, offering a ton of safe and convenient payment methods which are each accompanied by helpful prompts that will steer you to making your first deposit.

Hollywoodbets offer an impressive nine ways to deposit into your account!

To deposit into your Hollywoodbets Mobi account, all you need to do is go ahead and log into your account. Once done, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets Mobile Account
  2. Click on Top-Up
  3. Click on Deposit
  4. Choose the deposit method you would like to use
  5. Follow the attached instructions
  6. Confirm your Payment

Hollywoodbets Deposit Methods

All the ways to deposit into you Hollywoodbets Account

Each of the following deposit methods are offered by Hollywoodbets Mobile

  • OwnPay
  • Ozow
  • Peach Payments (Credit Card and EFT)
  • Zapper
  • SiD
  • PayFast
  • PayU
  • SendSpend

Hollywoodbets Mobile Deposit Methods Mock Up

How to Make Hollywoodbets Mobile Bets

The process of making a bet on any of the many betting sites available in South Africa is not a difficult task to complete. It simply requires a little bit of navigation, clicking a few buttons, and entering an amount you would like to wager.

If you don’t know how to bet, don’t fret! Our guide will help you!

While the process of betting is fairly straightforward, making the right bet is a different story, and one that we do not play a role in. We’re simply here to give you a guide on how to complete the process, start to finish.

Making Hollywoodbets Mobile bets can be completed in these easy to follow steps:

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets Mobile account
  2. Click on “All Betting” to view all of the sports available
  3. Choose the sport you’re interested in betting on
  4. Find the League you’re interested in
  5. Find the event you want to wager on
  6. Make your selection
  7. Click on "Bet Slip" and Enter your stake
  8. Confirm your bet

And that's how you make Hollywoodbets Mobile Bets!

Hollywoodbets Mobile Betting Guide
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Aside from Logging in and clicking on “All Betting” which are both fairly straight forward tasks, here are the steps you need to follow to get started with Hollywoodbets Mobile Betting:

Find your Sport - By scrolling through all the options after clicking on “All Betting”

Find your League - Scroll through the available leagues offered

Find your event - Again, scroll through the available events and find the one that interests you

Make your selection - Click on the odds attached to the outcome you expect to happen

Enter your stake - enter the amount you would like to wager. Can be done after clicking on “betslip”

Confirm your Bet - Click confirm to place your bet

How to FICA on Hollywoodbets Mobile

Hollywoodbets do an amazing job offering a range of convenient ways to upload or send your FICA documents.

They make it pretty clear that they are aware of the importance of this process with all the options they have provided to send through your documents

From Facebook to in-store drop offs, you can hand in your FICA documents in plenty of convenient ways with Hollywoodbets!

Here is a list of all the ways you can hand in your fica documents with Hollywoodbets:

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Upload via Self Service
  3. Send Via Email
  4. In store Drop Offs
How to Upload FICA on Hollywoodbets Mobile
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

If you’d like to upload your FICA documents through their self service portal, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. Log into our account
  2. Click on Upload FICA
  3. Enter your ID number or Hollywoodbets Account Number
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Click on Upload
  6. Click on Choose Files
  7. Upload the documents from your device
  8. Click on Submit

How to Withdraw on Hollywoodbets Mobile

Withdrawing on Hollywoodbets Mobile is another process that is easy to complete considering you have winnings to withdraw and considering you have FICA’d your account. Trying to withdraw winnings is an exercise in futility if you haven’t FICA’d your account.

Hollywoodbets offer some of the fastest payout rates in South Africa!

With Hollywoodbets mobile, you have five options to withdraw your winnings, either you could choose:

  • EFT - recommended
  • Cash Send - ABSA
  • Instant Money - Standard Bank
  • Send-iMali/Mobile Money
  • eWallet - SendSpend

To withdraw on Hollywoodbets Mobile, you need to follow these steps

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets Account
  2. Click on Top Up
  3. Click on Account
  4. Click on Withdrawal
  5. Choose your withdrawal option
  6. Follow the instructions
  7. Confirm your wish to withdraw

And That's a wrap!

Now that you have all the tools to use Hollywoodbets Mobile, the last thing you need to go ahead and do is sign up with them! Go ahead and click on the green claim button below to Sign up with South Africa's favourite bookmaker!

Hollywoodbets Mobile FAQs

❓ How do I join Hollywoodbets Mobile Site?

Joining Hollywoodbets Mobile is simple. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection.

If these things are in place:

  1. Click here to get Hollywoodbets Mobile
  2. Click on Register
  3. Fill in the information required by Hollywoodbets
  4. Click on Submit

And that’s it! Your freshly made account will immediately have a R25 Free Bet to use within 24 hours!

💵 Can I deposit on Hollywoodbets Mobile?

Yes you can, and each of their deposit methods is readily available to use on their mobile platform. Popular deposit methods offered by Hollywoodbets include:

  1. Ozow
  2. EFT
  3. SiD
  4. Zapper
  5. PayFast

💰 Can I get a bonus from Hollywoodbets Mobile?

Yes absolutely, the same Hollywoodbets bonus applies on Hollywoodbets Mobile.

Simply visit their site, click on register, create an account, and your bonus will be ready and waiting for you once the process has been completed.

📱 Do Hollywoodbets have a mobile app?

At the time of writing, Hollywoodbets do not have a mobile app, however the mobile website is well designed for phone usage, and to our knowledge there is a home screen shortcut available for download.

By downloading the homescreen shortcut you will be able to access their website directly from your home screen without having to use your browser.