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How to use 1xBet in Kenya

16 July 2020

If you have been having trouble using 1xBet, this article is for you. We will explain exactly how to use 1xBet in Kenya. Read on as we guide you through this great betting site, showing you how to register, deposit funds and place bets on the site. Consider this article as a user guide on 1xBet. By ... Read more

How to use Betway in Kenya

12 March 2020

As a Kenyan sports lover, you are probably wondering, “Is Betway available in Kenya?” In this article, you will find out if you can bet on Betway in Kenya, and exactly how to use Betway in Kenya for the best gaming experience. Read more

How to use Bet365 in Kenya

28 October 2019

Bet365 is the world's biggest and most popular betting site. Their brand is known around the world. So naturally, a lot of Kenyan players have been asking us: "Is it possible to use Bet365 in Kenya?" This article will answer that question for you, and explain how to use Bet365 in Kenya. Read more

How to use Betwinner in Kenya

9 March 2020

Betwinner is a global sports betting brand with extremely high payouts, exciting live streaming features, and generous bonuses. Learn the simplest way to join Betwinner and start enjoying all these features today! Read more

How to start betting with only 100 shillings

16 October 2019

Online betting doesn't require a lot of money. You can bet on any budget. Even if you only have 100 shillings to spare, that's enough to dip your toes in and try out the exciting world of online betting! Read more

Is online betting legal in Kenya?

22 October 2019

Many players have come to us with questions about the legality of sports betting in Kenya. We understand that many Kenyans are confused about the exact laws in this area. Therefore, we decided to write this article in order to clear up the confusion and find the answer to the question "Is online ... Read more

Is it legal to play online casino in Kenya?

24 October 2019

Online gambling is a growing industry in Kenya. It attracts hundreds of new players every week. So naturally, a lot of people are wondering whether it's actually legal to play online casino in Kenya. This article will help you answer that question. Read more