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17 September 2021

Download the 22Bet Kenya app and start betting on one of the best football betting apps in Kenya.

Looking for a quality betting app in Kenya? Well, here's one: The 22Bet Kenya app. In this article, we will tell you all about the 22Bet app and show you how to download the app on your phone.

If you already know a bit about the 22Bet app, and want to get it on your device ASAP, go on and click the button below!

22Bet App Pros and Cons

✅ Great football betting app❌ Design is a little old school
✅ Loads quickly

❌ Live streaming can be improved

✅ Easy Navigation
✅ High Odds

FAQs about 22Bet App

🤔 Is the 22Bet app available in Kenya?

Yes, the 22Bet app is available in Kenya.

Kenyan players, like their counterparts in many other parts of the world, can download the 22Bet app and bet on their favourite sports.

The app is available on all mobile devices and operating systems.

🙋‍♂️ How can I download the 22Bet Kenya app?

Downloading the 22Bet app is very easy. If you are using an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you can download the app directly from the Appstore.

However, if your device has an Android OS, you can only download the app from the 22Bet mobile site.

Simply click on the download link on the mobile site and get the app on your phone.

🤨 Is the 22Bet app free of charge?

Yes, the 22Bet app is free of charge.

We are aware that some apps cost money to download, but not the 22Bet app.

Whether you are downloading from the Appstore or the 22Bet mobile site, you will be able to get the app on your phone without spending a dime.

And don't ever make the mistake of paying anybody any money to help you download the app.

You can easily download the app by yourself in a matter of minutes.

💰 How do I deposit money on the 22Bet Kenya app?

Oh easy! 22Bet has both Mpesa and Airtel Money- the biggest and best deposit methods in Kenya.

Once you download the app and open an account, you will be able to fund your account from your mobile phone without any hassles.

🎁 Will I get a bonus on the 22Bet app?

Yes, you can get a bonus on the 22Bet app- a very big one too. New customers can get up to KSH 15,000 as welcome bonus, while existing customers can benefit from a variety of promotions on the app.

To get that sumptuous welcome bonus, open an account on the 22Bet app and make a deposit. You will receive 100% of your first deposit as welcome bonus.

🤑 Can I cash out on the 22Bet app?

Yes, you can cash out on the 22Bet app.

Whenever you feel like ending your bet and taking your cash, you can always activate the cash out feature. This feature is called Sell Bet on 22Bet.

When you cash out, you are selling your bet and taking the cash on offer. You cash out amount depends on the state of your bet. If you are close to winning your bet, your cash out value will be high. On the other hand, if your bet is losing, the amount will be very low.

Download the 22Bet app and start using the great features

❓ How do I install the 22Bet app on my phone?

This is a question regularly asked by android users. Betting apps in Kenya are not available on the Google Playstore, and hence, do not install automatically on android devices.

By default, android phones only install apps that are from the Playstore.

To install the 22Bet app on your phone, you need to go into your phone settings and enable the phone to install apps from 22Bet.

For iOS users, this issue does not exist. You can easily download and install your 22Bet app from the Appstore.

🏦 Can I withdraw money from the 22Bet app?

Yes, you can withdraw money from the 22Bet app. As is the case with making deposits, Kenyan players can take out funds from the app via MPesa or Airtel Money.

Why choose 22Bet Kenya App

22Bet App

Top football betting app in Kenya

With so many betting apps now in the Kenyan market, you can be forgiven for getting confused while trying to choose the best app for your device.

Let us help you clear that confusion: 22Bet App is one of the very best in the business!

It works perfectly well for smartphones and tablets, and functions optimally across all operating systems.

The app is renowned for its quality football markets, but it also excels in many other sports. The odds are very competitive and bonuses are generous.

When you open an account on the 22Bet app, you can claim up KSh. 18,000 as welcome bonus!

22Bet Mobile Site

22Bet mobile users have two options. You can either bet on the 22Bet mobile site or use the 22Bet app. Let us quickly tell you about the mobile site.

To use the 22Bet mobile site, all you have to do is to enter the 22Bet url into your mobile browser. You will be able to use 22Bet just as you would do on a computer. You can register, make deposits, place bets, withdraw funds and do a lot more on the 22Bet mobile site.

The 22Bet mobile site is very good, but in our expert opinion, the app is just that little bit better. It offers all of the options on the mobile site, plus a little bit more.

Read on to find out what makes the 22Bet Kenya app one of the top betting apps in the country.
22 Bet Kenya App 1

We prefer the 22Bet App to the 22Bet mobile site

How to download 22Bet App

Having any trouble downloading the 22Bet Kenya app on your mobile device? This section is for you. Whether you are using an iOS or an Android device, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to download the 22Bet app.

Here is a quick hint: Downloading the 22Bet app is very easy.

Follow us very closely as we show you how to get the 22Bet Kenya app on your mobile device.

22 Bet Kenya App 2

How to Download The 22Bet App on Android

The Kenyan mobile market is dominated by android devices, with about 89% of mobile users in the country on android. Hence, it is safe to assume that majority of our readers are android users.

No offense to you guys on iOS, you will get your turn very soon!

Like they say, the majority carries the vote!

Android betting apps are very unique in that they are not available on the Google Playstore. The Playstore is the home of android apps, but unfortunately, Google isn't best friends with betting apps.

That is not the end of the world though. There is a great alternative.

To download betting apps like the 22Bet app on your mobile device, you need to go through the mobile site.

We will show you how to get the android app on your device in a moment.

22Bet APK

In the process of searching for the 22Bet app, you may have run into the words "22Bet Apk". Many of our readers have got back to us wanting to know what exactly is the 22Bet apk.

The 22Bet apk is the same thing as the 22Bet android app. Apk means Android Application Package. So when next you see the term apk, do not be confused. It simply refers to the android version of the app.

Step 1: Click the Download button below

The button below takes you the the 22Bet mobile site, from where you can download the 22Bet app. Remember that if you are using an Android device, you can only download the 22Bet app from the 22Bet mobile site.

Step 2: Click on any of the app download links on the mobile site

The 22Bet mobile site is littered with many download links. 22Bet realize that most users want to bet on the app, and so make it as convenient as possible for users to get the apps on their mobile devices.

There is a very conspicuous download link right at the top of the page, and another one at the bottom.

22 Bet Kenya App 3

Step 3: Select "Download the Android App"

When you click on any of the download links from the step above, you will be given the options to choose between downloading the 22Bet app for an iOS or Android device.

Since your device is powered by the android operating system, choose "Download the Android App"

Step 4: Click OK to download the app

After choosing the android option in Step 3 above, you will see a pop up on your phone asking if you want to download the 22Bet app.

22Bet is also kind enough to include on-page instructions to guide you in the download process. They even have a short video to make the description more illustrative.

Click "OK" to continue with the download.

You may get a message that the 22Bet app may be harmful to your device. Please ignore this message.

That is a standard message for apps that aren't coming from the Google Playstore. We can assure you that the 22Bet app is as safe as they come!

22 Bet Kenya App 4

Step 5: Click "Open"

As soon as you click "OK" from Step 4, the 22Bet apk file will be instantly downloaded on your mobile device. When the download is complete, you will receive a message at the bottom of the screen asking you to open this file.

Go ahead and open the 22Bet apk file.

Step 6: Click "Install"

You may be wondering why there are additional steps since the download has been done. Well, what you have downloaded in Step 5 above is the 22Bet apk file.

You have still got to install the file on your mobile device.

It is after the installation that you can start betting on the 22Bet app.

So to install the app on your device, click "Install" from the pop-up.

22 Bet Kenya App 5

Step 7: Allow device to install apps from 22Bet

Google and their Playstore are very strict. They generally frown at apps from sources other than the Google Playstore.

In order to install the 22Bet app on your device, you need to manually allow your device to install apps from that "source".

To be fair to Google, they only have our best interests at hearts. Their intention is to protect our device from harmful applications.

However, the 22Bet app does not fall into that category of harmful apps.

Step 8: Install the 22Bet app on your device

Once you have given your device permission to install apps from 22Bet, you can then go ahead and complete the installation.

Your 22Bet app will be immediately ready to use. You can launch the app on your android device and start carrying out the various betting operations on the app.

22 Bet Kenya App 6

How to download 22Bet app on iOS

Downloading the 22Bet app on your iOS device is extremely easy.

Unlike android users, who cannot download betting apps from the Google Playstore, iOS users can get their betting apps from the Appstore.

To download the 22Bet app on your iOS device, you can either go through the 22Bet mobile site or download the app directly from the Appstore.

In the case of the latter, all you have to do is go to the Appstore, search for the 22Bet app and download.

22 Bet Kenya App 7

To download the 22Bet iOS app from the mobile site, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the download button below to go to the 22Bet mobile site
  2. Click any the download links on the 22Bet mobile site
  3. Select "Download 22Bet for iOS". This will take you straight to the 22Bet app on the Appstore
  4. Download the app from the appstore
Is 22Bet App Legit?
Leye Ayodele

Leye Ayodele

Yes, absolutely. The 22Bet app is legit and legal in Kenya. Legality of betting sites and betting apps has been a hot topic in Kenya in the last few years, with many top bookies banned from operating in Kenya as a consequence, but 22Bet isn't among those betting companies.

22Bet is properly licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board, and are free to offer all of their betting services to Kenyan players.

22Bet App Review

Wanna learn more about the 22Bet Kenya app? Perhaps you need an unbiased review of the app before downloading it on your device? This is the segment for you.

In the next few sections of this article, we will take you deep into the world of the 22Bet app. You will learn everything about the app, from the sportsbook to deposit methods and many more!

22Bet App Overview

To be totally honest, the 22Bet app doesn't have the most catchy colours- in fact, it looks a bit old school and can do with an upgrade- but this app is the classic case if not judging a book by its cover.

The dominant blue colour of the 22Bet app may appear pale, but there is nothing pale about the content of the app.

22 Bet Kenya App 9

The front page of the 22Bet app contains a number of important categories, with the "Top Live" category being at the top of the page.

This category has a selection of the latest live events across a variety of sports.

The other categories include "Top Pre-Match", 'Games" and "Live Casino" and the "Accumulators of the Day".

Another thing we like about the front page of the app is its usability. Navigation within the front page is pretty easy, so is browsing between pages.

22Bet App Sportsbook

Our 22Bet app review continues with a look at the sportsbook, which is right up there amongst the finest in Kenya. The 22Bet app sportsbook is very much at par with other big guns like betway and betwinner.

It houses a large variety of sports, numbering over 40, while daily events are well over a thousand. The betting markets in the sportsbook are also large and diverse.

22 Bet Kenya App Sports

The sportsbook also includes a comprehensive eSports betting section, while there are also options in weather and politics.

We were also as surprised as you are to find weather and politics in the 22Bet "sportsbook". They are not exactly sports, are they? But a bit of extra spice and variety never hurts, no?

In the 22Bet app sportsbook, you can choose from a plethora of betting options.

To enter the 22Bet app sportsbook, click the toggle menu at the top left hand corner of the page (the three small horizontal bars at that corner of the home page).

This will reveal the full menu options, from which you can select "Sports" to enter the sportsbook.

How to Use The 22Bet App

When it comes to functionality, the 22Bet app is just like the main site or mobile site.

In fact, the 22Bet app is arguably more functional than the main site because it has more functions and effects.

You can do a wide range of operations on the 22Bet Kenya app, but let us limit the scope of this segment to the most basic functions like registration, making deposits and placing bets.

Register on the 22Bet app

So you have the 22Bet app, but aren't sure how to go about the registration process? This one's for you!

Let us start by letting you know that registration on the 22Bet Kenya app is as simple as anything you can imagine.

Below is a short guide on how to register on the 22Bet app.

22 Bet Kenya App 11

How to Sign Up on The 22Bet App

To sign up on the 22Bet app, you obviously need to have the app on your device. Click here to learn how to download the 22Bet app.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can proceed to register in the following way:

  1. Click the toggle menu bar at the top left corner of the front page
  2. Select Registration from the main menu
  3. Fill in the required details. (Full names, nationality, email address, password, currency)
  4. Choose your preferred welcome bonus (Sports bonus or casino bonus)
  5. Confirm that you are of legal betting age in Kenya (18 years and above) and accept the 22Bet app terms and conditions
  6. Click the green tick at the bottom right of the account opening page to confirm your registration.
22Bet App Log In

After creating an account in the 22Bet app, you can log into your account and start enjoying all the great services in the app. Your 22Bet app Log in details are your email address and your password (the password you entered during registration).

To log into your 22Bet app account,

  1. Click on the three horizontal bars at the top of the page
  2. Select log in.
  3. Enter your email address or unique User ID and your password
  4. Click Log in
  5. You will be instantly logged in to your 22Bet app account

Make a deposit on the 22Bet app

22Bet App

Deposit via MPesa and Airtel Money

Now that you have logged into your 22Bet Kenya account, the next thing to do is to make a deposit into your account.

On the 22Bet app, you can deposit either via MPesa or Airtel Money. Those are the two most popular payment methods in Kenya.

Since majority of us already have either MPesa or Airtel Money accounts, depositing money into the 22Bet app is very straightforward for Kenyan players.

Claim your 22Bet Welcome Bonus on the App

When you do make your first deposit on the 22Bet app, you are entitled to a welcome bonus worth up to KSH 18000.

Your 22Bet app welcome bonus is 100% of your first deposit.

Let's break it down even further. If you sign up on the 22Bet app and deposit some money into the app, 22Bet will give you the value of that first deposit as welcome bonus.

For example, a first deposit of KSH 1000 gets a KSH 1000 bonus, KSH 5000 gets KSH 5000, and so on. The maximum amount you can get as welcome bonus is KSH 18,000.

Sport bonus:

Bonus Up To Ksh. 19,000
100% Deposit Bonus

Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.40 Bonus code:

Bet on the 22Bet App

If the above sections were the appetiser, we have finally arrived at the main course. This is where we show you how to bet in the 22Bet app.

Betting on the 22Bet app is very dynamic, but also very easy. You can place pre-match or live bets on the app. You can even wager on outright options on the app.

How to Bet on the 22Bet App

In this section, we will show you how to place pre-match bets in the 22Bet app sportsbook.

  1. Log into your account on the 22Bet app
  2. Click the toggle menu on the top left of the front page
  3. Select Sports
  4. Choose the sport you want to bet on
  5. Select the competition you want to bet on
  6. Navigate to the event you want to wager on
  7. Make your selections by clicking the odds that match your predictions
  8. Click Place a Bet. This will take you to your betslip
  9. Enter your stake
  10. Confirm your bet
Placing Accumulator Bets on the 22Bet App

The steps above show how to place a single bet on the 22Bet app. However, many bettors prefer to add multiple selections to their bets so that they can get higher odds. This type of bet is called an accumulator.

If you want to add many games to your betslip, repeat steps 1-7 above. However, instead of choosing "Place a Bet" in Step 8, select "Add to Betslip". This will register your selection on the betslip at the bottom of the page. You can add as many selections as you want in this way.

When you are done choosing your games, click the betslip at the bottom of the page. After this, enter your stake in the box provided and confirm your bet.

22 Bet Kenya App 13

A typical accumulator on the 22Bet App

Live Betting on The 22bet App

Live betting on the 22Bet app is very similar to placing pre-match wagers in the app.

The major difference is that live bets are placed on matches that have already begun.

The 22Bet app has a very lively live betting section, full of wide-ranging sports and betting markets. In-play betting is another strong point of the 22Bet app.

22 Bet Kenya App 10

Because of the ever-changing nature of live sports, you need to be quick and decisive whenever you are live betting.

Live betting odds are constantly changing, while the betting options can be off the market at any time.

In-play betting is very exciting; and 22Bet is one of the best live betting apps around!

To place live bets on the 22Bet app, click the toggle menu and select "Live". You can then follow the same steps that we highlighted while discussing pre-match bets on the app.

Basically, you select your sport, navigate to the live event you want to bet on and place your bets.

The live betting experience on the 22Bet app is aided by tools like cash out and virtual feeds.

22Bet Casino app

If you are more into online casinos than sports betting, you will find a great ally in the 22Bet app.

The app has a very rich online casino, full of an impressive array of casino games. The 22Bet casino has well over a thousand games.

Like with most online casinos, the dominant class of games are the online slots, while table games like blackjack, Baccarat and roulette are also available in their many variants.

22 Bet Kenya Casino App

The app also has a nice live casino, which does a super job of replicating the brick-and-mortar casinos. You can interact with a live dealer just as you would do when you walk into a physical casino.

22Bet also has the option of a casino bonus for new players.

During your registration process of the app, you will be given the option to choose either a sports bonus or a casino bonus. The casino bonus for Kenyan players is 100% of first deposits, up to a maximum of KSH 35,000.

If you'd rather have a casino bonus instead of a sports bonus, make sure you indicate this during your registration.

Withdrawing from 22Bet app

Withdrawing funds is a vital part of the online betting journey. When you achieve the very rare feat of winning your bets, you want to be able to get your money without any dramas.

Great news; you can withdraw your funds quite easily from the 22Bet app. No dramas at all!

The main withdrawal methods on the 22Bet app are MPesa and Airtel Money. This is like music to the ears of Kenyan players!

22 Bet Kenya App 12

Download 22Bet Kenya App Now

Phew! That was pretty comprehensive, wasn't it? Hopefully, we have been able to answer any questions you might have had about the 22Bet app.

Happy with what you are seeing? Why not download the app and start using it ASAP?

Click the button below to get the 22Bet app on your mobile device.

Not impressed with what you have seen on the 22Bet app? Check out other top betting apps in Kenya in the list below.

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