How to use bet365 in kenya

How to use Bet365 in Kenya

28 October 2019

Bet365 is the world's biggest and most popular betting site. Their brand is known around the world. So naturally, a lot of Kenyan players have been asking us: "Is it possible to use Bet365 in Kenya?" This article will answer that question for you, and explain how to use Bet365 in Kenya.

Is it possible to use Bet365 in Kenya?

Before we get started on this article, let us first make it clear that it is possible to use Bet365 in Kenya. They accept Kenyan players with a smile. In fact, Bet365 will accept players from pretty much any country in the world. But unfortunately, using Bet365 is not as available to everyone due to various reasons that will be covered in this article.

Is it legal to use Bet365 in Kenya?

Yes, using Bet365 in Kenya is completely legal. Actually, you are allowed to use any betting site, whether they are regulated in Kenya or not. Bet365 is not regulated by the Kenyan authorities. This means that Bet365 does not pay taxes to the Kenyan government, but to a different government instead.

It also means that you cannot get help from the Kenyan regulatory authorities if you do experience problems with Bet365. If you do have such issues, you would need to reach out to a different regulatory authority. However, it is perfectly legal to use Bet365 in Kenya.

So, the next question that emerges is "How do you use Bet365 in Kenya?". Don't worry, after reading this article, you will know exactly how to use Bet365 in Kenya, how to make deposits, and much more. We will walk you through the entire process step by step, so stay tuned!

Step 1: Joining Bet365

Opening an account and joining Bet365 as a Kenyan player is an easy and straightforward process. In fact, it works the same no matter what country you are from. You just need to type in a few personal details about yourself in order to create your Bet365 account.

The personal details you need to join Bet365 are:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • A username of your choice

Once you have typed in these details, you will receive a confirmation email from Bet365. Upon clicking on this email, your Bet365 account will be activated. Now, you have your own account with a unique username and you are able to browse the entire selection of Bet365.

Now that you have an account on Bet365, you can officially consider yourself a part of the world's biggest and most popular betting site - now you are tasked with one of the biggest challenges facing Kenyan players: how to deposit money on Bet365 in Kenya.

Step 2: How to deposit money on Bet365 in Kenya

Making deposits on Bet365 can be quite a hassle for Kenyan players. This is due to the fact that Bet365 does not accept Mpesa or Airtel mobile money deposits, which are without a doubt the most popular payment methods in Kenya and used by thousands of Kenyan players every single day.

Why does Bet365 not accept Mpesa or Airtel Money?

Bet365 is one of the biggest betting sites in the world, but also one of the most heavily regulated. They are regulated by the government of the United Kingdom which has enacted vigorous policies to make sure Bet365 pays it's fair share in taxes and does not become a money-laundering hub.

Therefore, Bet365 can only accept certain payment methods that are directly tied to players by name. Unfortunately, Mpesa and Airtel Money does not live up to these standards. The regulators have found that it would be too easy to abuse Mpesa or Airtel for money-laundering purposes, so that is why they are not accepted by Bet365.

So how do Kenyan players deposit money on Bet365?

Despite the obvious inconvenience that Bet365 does not accept Mpesa or Airtel Money, there are still quite a number of different deposit methods available on Bet365. Most of these are not as easy for Kenyan players to use, but they are also not impossible. It just takes a bit of effort and practical thinking.

Here is a list of deposit methods accepted by Bet365:

Bet365 Kenya deposit options

We will now go through each of the deposit methods to explain which are the best and easiest for Kenyan players to use.

  • Credit/Debit Card

Depositing with a credit or debit card on Bet365 is really easy. You just tap in your card details, and the money will be deducted from your bank account and instantly available on your Bet365 account. The minimum deposit is $10 (equal to around Ksh. 1,000).

Debit and credit cards are offered by all banks throughout Kenya. Obtaining a card is not as difficult as you may think. Although you do need to apply for one, it's relatively easy to be accepted. If you have a monthly salary of over Ksh. 20,000 Net, you can apply for a credit or debit card at Barclays Bank of Kenya.

  • Paysafe Card

Paysafe Cards are accepted by Bet365. A Paysafe Card is a form of prepaid card that is sold by various outlets as well as online. However, we do not currently know if or where these cards are sold in Kenya, so this may not be the best deposit option for you to choose.

  • AstroPay Card

AstroPay Cards are another type of prepaid card is this accepted by Bet365. We are not familiar with any outlets in Kenya where AstroPay Cards are sold. However, if you do know any places that sell these cards in Kenya, we would love for you to contact us.

  • Bank Transfer

A bank transfer (also known as a bank wire) is accepted by Bet365. These can be done in 2 different ways: online or offline. You can either go down to your bank and physically hand them the money, as well as the Bet365 deposit details, or you can use your online bank if you have one of these.

Making a bank transfer deposit to Bet365 is a slow and annoying process, but it's the best alternative for people who have no other option. A bank transfer can be performed by anyone because you don't even need to be a customer at the bank to make a transfer there. Just show up, give them the money and the deposit details, and you're done.

Making a deposit

Now that you know about all the different deposit methods available on Bet365, it's up to you to decide which one you're going to choose. Making a deposit on Bet365 can be difficult, but it's not impossible. If you set your mind to it, you can join Bet365 and start placing bets very soon!

Step 3: Start placing bets!

After completing the above-mentioned steps, you are ready to start placing bets on the world's most popular betting site. We are absolutely certain that you will be thrilled with your betting experience on Bet365. To give you the best possible start, we will now tell you how to place bets on Bet365!

How to place bets on Bet365

Placing bets on Bet365 is incredibly easy. You navigate to the sportsbook and find the match you want to bet on. Click on the match, and the many different betting options will be available to you. Now, you simply select the bet you want to place, and the bet will show up in the bet slip on the right-hand side of your screen.

For the sake of this example, we select a match from the English Premier League between Watford and Chelsea. Chelsea's odds of winning the match are 1.65. Chelsea should be a fairly sure winner, so we think those are good odds.

Bet365 Kenya Sports Betting

As you can see from the image above, there are really a lot of different betting options on Bet365. But we decide to go with Chelsea to win over Watford at odds 1.65. So after clicking on it, we need to decide how big of a stake we will put towards this wager.

We type on $75 in the "Stake" field and we are informed that if the bet is successful, it will return $123.75. We think that sounds good, so we hit "Place Bet" and our stake is immediately deducted from our betting account and our bet is now active.

Live betting on Bet365

Now that you have placed your bet, you can follow the game from Bet365's live betting section after the game has started. This will allow you to see a virtual enactment of the game with lots of relevant statistics. You can even place bets in real-time as the match progresses.

Bet365 easily has one of the bet live betting features in the world. In fact, they were the first betting site in the world to come out with the live betting technology, and they are still the best there is. If you haven't tried live betting, we highly encourage that you try it out on Bet365.

Get started betting on Bet365!

Now that you know all there is to know about how to use Bet365 in Kenya, there is nothing left to do but to get started playing. An incredible world of online sports betting is awaiting you on Bet365. There is even a nice welcome bonus for you to make use of, which will give you more cash to play with!

Bet365 will double your first deposit up to a maximum of $30 (around Ksh. 3,000). So if you deposit $30, you will get an additional $30 worth of bet credits that you can use on any sports betting activity of your choice. So if you want to join Bet365 and take advantage of this awesome welcome bonus, hit the "Claim" button below!