Is online betting legal in kenya

Is online betting legal in Kenya?

22 October 2019

Many players have come to us with questions about the legality of sports betting in Kenya. We understand that many Kenyans are confused about the exact laws in this area. Therefore, we decided to write this article in order to clear up the confusion and find the answer to the question "Is online betting legal in Kenya?"

Is online betting legal in Kenya?

Sports betting and gambling is legal in Kenya and has been since the year 1966 when the government introduced the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act. This means that online betting and playing online casino games is also legal in Kenya.

The law of 1966 established the first clear rules and regulations about gambling in Kenya. It required gambling operators to carry a license and pay the necessary taxes in order to offer betting games to customers.

This means that all betting sites and online casinos operating in Kenya must apply for a license and pay the annual fees and taxes to the government. The Kenyan government collects around 3 million dollars per year in gambling revenue. This may sound like a lot of money, but it's actually very little compared to European countries like the UK.

Betting sites operating in Kenya are obligated to show their gambling license at the bottom of the webpage. So you can always go and check if any betting site is legally licensed by the. It looks like this:

Kenya betting license

So does this mean that Kenyan players must join a betting site that is licensed by the Kenyan government, or are we allowed to join international betting sites as well? We will answer this question in the following chapter.

If you want to join a betting site that's licensed by the Kenyan government, then we highly encourage you to do so. This will give you the protection of the Kenyan government, in the very unlikely case that you should experience trouble with the bookmaker, such as failure to pay out the money you are entitled to, etc.

In addition, if you use a bookmaker that's licensed in Kenya, you support the Kenyan government, because this bookmaker is obligated to pay taxes on their revenue to the government.

If you're looking for a great bookmaker to join, which has a Kenyan betting license, then we recommend that you check out Betway:


An international betting site licensed in Kenya

Betway is an international betting site that holds a license in Kenya. They have established a dedicated betting platform exclusively for Kenyan players. This betting platform is not like the official Betway site. It contains only sports betting options, no casino games, and no poker, and it's only open to Kenyans.

Making deposits on Betway Kenya is simple. They offer only 2 different deposit and withdrawal options: Mpesa or Airtel. You can deposit as little as 10 shillings and it only takes a few minutes to make a deposit and for the money to show up in your Betway account.

If you want to join Betway, you will even get a nice welcome bonus in the form of a free bet when you make your first deposit. Betway will give you a free bet worth 50% of your first deposit. So if you deposit Ksh. 5,000, you get a Ksh. 2,500 free bet. Not bad right?

If you want to join this licensed bookmaker, hit the "Join Now" button below.

Betting sites without Kenyan license

Kenyan players are under no obligation to join a betting site with a Kenyan license. You are free to join whatever betting site you choose. There are plenty of international betting sites to choose from, and most of them do not have a Kenyan gambling license.

Just remember, if you do choose to join an international betting site, you are not protected under the laws of Kenya if you experience problems with this betting site and you are in need of legal help. The government of Kenya can do nothing to help you, as this betting site is not regulated by them.

Also, gambling sites not licensed in Kenya do not pay taxes to the Kenyan government. They pay taxes in other jurisdictions. The most common gambling jurisdiction is Malta, located in Europe, due to its low taxes on gambling revenue.

If you want to join an international betting site without a Kenyan betting license, then we recommend that you check out 1xBet.


An international betting site with a huge selection of games

1xBet is an international gambling site without a Kenyan gambling license. They accept Kenyan players and even take Kenyan shillings. Making deposits on 1xBet can be done with Airtel Money, making it very convenient for Kenyan players to use this betting site.

1xBet is known for having one of the largest and most diverse game portfolios in the world. They offer a multitude of sports betting options, ranging from football to cockfighting. They also have tons of casino games, as well as lotteries, wheel of fortune and much more.

Any Kenyan player that wants to join 1xBet can receive a fantastic welcome bonus. 1xBet will actually triple your first deposit up to a maximum of Ksh. 10,000. So if you decide to deposit Ksh. 10,000, you will have a total of Ksh. 30,000 to play with. That's an incredible welcome bonus.

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