Betting Sites That Accept Airtel Money

Discover the best Airtel Money betting sites in Kenya! Start making fast and easy betting deposits and withdrawals!

Best Airtel Betting Sites in Kenya

Company Pros and ConsAction
Super fast Airtel deposits
Site is generally very easy to use
Sign up bonus is big and easy to claim
Slow customer support
Relatively high minimum deposit for bonus
100% Bonus Up To Ksh. 19,000
100% Deposit Bonus
Get 100% extra bonus money up to Ksh. 15,000 when you make your first deposit
Usually smooth Airtel deposits and withdrawals
Very competitive betting odds
Best mobile betting app in Kenya
Missing some important new features like cut one
Not the best bookie for promotions
100% Up To Ksh. 15,000
Airtel deposits are seamless and easy
Periodic airtel deposits promotions
Largest sportsbook in Kenya
Not the most beginner-friendly bookie
Tough welcome bonus requirements
Receive Up To Ksh. 20,000
Receive 200% extra when you make your first deposit up to a maximum of 10,000.
Editor's Notes - Airtel Provides a Nice Alternative to MPesa
David Mwangi
David Mwangi

MPesa remains the most popular payment platform on Kenyan betting sites, but Airtel Money is also widely used.

Airtel Money is a fast and reliable payment method that has build a strong global reputation over the decades.

We love bookies that allow Airtel payments because it gives us different deposit options just in case the other platforms are down.

On this page, we will tell you the best Airtel sites and show you how to deposit and withdraw your funds on the platform.

Recommended Betting Site for Airtel Users

22Bet - Say Bye Bye to Deposits and Withdrawal Issues!

You want fast, easy deposits on a user-friendly site? 22Bet ticks all of these boxes. The Airtel money payment service is hassle-free, with deposits and withdrawals processed within minutes.

And when you do sign up and make that first deposit, you stand a chance to claim a nice new-customer bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airtel Money

Many of you have come to us with questions about how to deposit with Airtel Money on a betting site. Here we will answer some of the most common questions we receive.

❓ What is Airtel Money?

Airtel Money is a mobile payment service familiar to most Kenyans, that allows users to transfer funds to friends, family or businesses Kenya.

You can use Airtel Money to conveniently make payments while also reducing the risks that come with cash transactions.

In Kenya, Airtel Money is becoming increasingly popular as a deposit method on betting sites.

💲 Is Airtel Money expensive to use?

No, Airtel Money is not expensive, and you will pay competitive rates for using the service.

Moreover, money-savvy punters, who are all about cutting costs, will tell you that Airtel Money is cheaper than the green network!

⌚ How long do Airtel Money deposits take?

Airtel Money deposits arrive instantly on your betting site of choice!

You will be able to stake with your funds seconds after you finalize your deposit.

After making your deposit, you will receive a transaction confirmation text which informs you that your transaction is successful.

💰 Can I get a welcome bonus when I deposit with Airtel?

Yes, most betting sites will give you a welcome bonus - regardless of the deposit method you are using!

🔒 Is Airtel Money safe to use?

Yes, Airtel Money is absolutely safe to use.

They are a multi-national telecommunications company with acitivities all over the world and headquartered in India.

They have a great reputation and an unbeatable track-record for providing top-quality service to all their customers.

So you can be sure that your money is safe in the hands of Airtel!

🏧 Can I withdraw from a betting site with Airtel Money?

Yes, you can withdraw money from a betting site with Airtel Money.

This is really awesome, because it means you can access your money really fast (usually it's almost instant).

🏆 What is better: Airtel Money or M-Pesa?

The truth is: both Airtel Money and M-Pesa each have their own advantages.

M-Pesa is used by the biggest part of the population, allowing you to send money very cheap to a large number of people.

But Airtel Money have recently slashed their transfer fees and increased their daily transaction limit to Ksh. 150,000.

So as you can tell, there's definitely advantages to both solutions.

But in the end, they are very much similar, and we strongly recommend both of them.

So just go ahead and open up which ever one works best for you 👍

🏦 Do I need a bank account to deposit with Airtel Money?

No, you do NOT need a bank account to use Airtel Money.

This is exactly what makes Airtel Money such a great solution.

You avoid having to deal with banks, which are, let's be honest, super slow and inefficient at what they do.

So go ahead and create your Airtel Money account today, and avoid the banks!

More on Airtel Betting Sites...

Having already highlighted the best Airtel betting sites in Kenya, we are going to explore this topic even further to help you know how Airtel bookies work.

Amongst other things, we will show you how to deposit money on your betting site using Airtel money, and discuss some possible problems you may encounter when making such deposits and withdrawals.

Top 7 Betting Sites Using Airtel Money in Kenya

  1. 22Bet - Visit Site
  2. Betwinner - Visit Site
  3. 1xBet - Visit Site
  4. Betika - Visit Site
  5. Dafabet - Visit Site
  6. Betlion - Visit Site
  7. Bangbet - Visit Site

How to Deposit Money on an Airtel Betting Site

As an Airtel user, you probably already know your way around making transactions on the service, but just in case you get stuck, or you encounter some trouble with your payments, we have written this section to help you find your way through the process.

The process of depositing money on an Airtel betting site may vary slightly from bookie to bookie, but it generally follows the steps listed below.
Funding Your Betting Account with Airtel Money
  1. Select the Airtel Money Menu on your mobile device
  2. Choose the 'Make Payments' option
  3. Now select 'Pay Bill'
  4. Fill in the "Business Name" of your betting site. In most cases, this is the same as the name of the betting site
  5. Now enter the "Account Number" of the betting site. Again, many bookies use their name as their account number
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit in your betting account and confirm the amount
  7. After doing that, enter your own Airtel Money transactions PIN
  8. In the "Reference" section, you can also fill in the name of the betting site
  9. Once you have concluded all of these steps, you will receive an SMS confirming your deposit
  10. Now you can go back into your betting account and start betting and claiming those wonderful bonuses!

Withdrawing Money from Airtel Betting Sites

So not only can you deposit money on Airtel Betting Sites, you can also withdraw your winnings or bonuses via the service.

The process of pulling out funds is very easy, as shown in the steps below.
How to Withdraw Winnings Using Airtel Money
  1. Log into your betting account
  2. Locate the withdrawal option on your betting site and initiate the withdrawal
  3. Choose Airtel Money as your withdrawal method
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm
  5. You should get a confirmation of withdrawal from your betting site

You will also receive a text message from Airtel Money confirming the withdrawal. You should have your money in your Airtel Money account within a few minutes.

Possible Problems with Depositing on Airtel Betting Sites

Depositing and withdrawing money on Airtel betting sites is usually straightforward, but as with anything in life, nothing is absolutely perfect. There may be the odd occasion where you may encounter problems with your transactions.

Here are possible reasons why your deposit or withdrawal may be problematic, and potential troubleshooting steps you can take.

Why Your Airtel Deposits May Not Work

📱 Poor Mobile Network

While the Airtel network is generally very strong in Kenya, there have been instances when they have encountered technical problems. In a situation like this, all Airtel services may be delayed or may not even be processed at all.

There's isn't much you can do other than to wait it out and hope that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

If you desperately have to make a deposit in that moment, they you may have to try out other services like MPesa.

🌐 Poor Internet

Delays in deposits and withdrawals may also occur as a result of internet problems at your end. So you may want to check that you still have mobile data or your cable subscription is still active.

⭕ Wrong Business Name or Account Number

While making a deposit request, be sure to enter the correct details of the operator. If you miss it by one character, the transaction will not be processed.

❌ Wrong PIN

Of course, your PIN is like the key to the transaction. This is often the final and most important approval you have given for the transaction. So if you have entered the wrong PIN, there's no way your transaction will be processed. That is why we always advice users to choose PINs that they cab easily remember. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can always reach out to Airtel and create another one.

And as we close...

Using airtel betting sites comes with many advantages and benefits. The network is very durable and reliable while transactions are very fast.

Some betting sites even have periodic promos for Airtel users, giving out bonuses whenever their customers make deposits with Airtel Money.

You can go ahead and choose any of the Airtel betting sites we have listed on this page. They are all safe, licensed and trustworthy operators.

Choose a Safe and Legal Airtel Bookie
Company BonusAction
22Bet bonus
22Bet bonus
100% Bonus Up To Ksh. 19,000
100% Deposit Bonus
Get 100% extra bonus money up to Ksh. 15,000 when you make your first deposit
100% Up To Ksh. 15,000
1xBet bonus
1xBet bonus
Receive Up To Ksh. 20,000
Receive 200% extra when you make your first deposit up to a maximum of 10,000.
Betika bonus
Betika bonus
Get Daily Bonus on Your Deposits
Dafabet bonus
Dafabet bonus
100% Bonus Up To Ksh. 1,000
Betlion bonus
Betlion bonus
KSh. 200,000 Daily Jackpot
Bangbet bonus
Bangbet bonus
Free Bets and Stake Refunds for New Customers