What is Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash

Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash: How it Works & How to Get it

Jul 16, 2024

Our #1 pick for the best Rewards Program in the US, Fanatics Sportsbook will award you FanCash for your action, which you can then exchange for bonuses or merch across their network

Edward Avery
Content Writer

What is FanCash?

FanCash is a versatile rewards currency that you earn by playing with Fanatics Sportsbook as part of their FanCash Rewards Program - our #1 pick for best betting Loyalty Program in the US.

This program allows users to earn FanCash through various activities such as placing bets on Fanatics Sportsbook or making purchases on Fanatics Commerce sites, and the FanCash Rewards can be used throughout the entire Fanatics ecosystem.

Aside from its versatility, FanCash Rewards offers the high percentages awarded for every wager of any betting site in the US.

Uses of FanCash:

  1. Fanatics Sportsbook: FanCash earned from betting can be redeemed as Bonus Bets for Fanatics Sportsbook, allowing bettors to use their FanCash to earn real money.
  2. Merchandise Purchases: FanCash can be used to buy licensed sports apparel, jerseys, hats, and other merchandise from Fanatics Commerce sites like Fanatics, FansEdge, and various official team stores (e.g., NFL Shop, NBA Store).
  3. Exclusive Offers and Promotions: FanCash can be used during special promotions to get discounts or exclusive merchandise not available through regular purchases.

How do I earn FanCash with Fanatics Sportsbook?

Earning FanCash is as straightforward as it gets, as you don't need to opt in or take any extra steps to receive it.

Simply sign up to Fanatics Sportsbook, make a deposit and start playing. You will receive FanCash for every bet you make, as well as receive them as rewards for promotions or special events.

Ways to Earn FanCash:

  1. Betting on Fanatics Sportsbook:
    - Standard Bets: Earn a percentage of FanCash based on the odds of your bet and the amount wagered.
    Special Bets: Fanatics Sportsbook promos may offer higher FanCash rewards for particular events.
  2. FanCash Drops and Promotions:
    FanCash Drops: Periodic promotions where bettors can earn bonus FanCash.
    Special Promotions: During events like Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or World Series, special promotions may offer increased FanCash rewards.
Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash Drop $1 Million

Fanatics Sportsbook regularly drops FanCash - sometimes up to $1 Million!

Fanatics Sportsbook is not the only place you can earn FanCash in, however. If you create a Fanatics Commerce account and connect it to your Fanatics Sportsbook account, you will also be able to earn FanCash by shopping within the dozens of sites within the Fanatics Ecosystem.

How is FanCash calculated?

While previously the amount of FanCash you earned depended on the type of wager you were making, Fanatics Sportsbook recently made some changes which increased the max you could earn from 5% to 10%.

Now, the amount of FanCash you can earn with every bet depends on the odds of the bet you are placing:

Odds Range

Percentage of FanCash Earned

-110 or shorter

Between .01% and 1% of amount bet

Between -105 and +600

Between 1% and 3% of amount bet

Between +610 and +2100

Between 3% and 6% of amount bet

Between +2200 and +4600

Between 6% and 9% of amount bet

Between +4750 and +6000 or longer

Between 9% and 10% of amount bet

You will be able to see how much FanCash you will be earning for each bet you make directly on your betslip.

It's important to note that for every wager FanCash will be rounded to the nearest $.01.

Are there any restrictions on earning FanCash?

Most bets you place on Fanatics Sportsbook will earn FanCash, however there are a few exceptions:

  • Bets made using bonus bets, free spins, or other types of promotional offers are not eligible to earn FanCash.
  • Bets that are cashed out early using the Cash Out feature do not earn FanCash.
  • Canceled or voided wagers also do not earn FanCash.
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How Do I Sign Up For FanCash Rewards?

That's the beauty of it - you don't have to!

To start collecting your FanCash rewards, all you need to do is sign up to Fanatics Sportsbook from one of their available states, make a deposit and start betting!

If you are new to Fanatics Sportsbook, make sure you also take advantage of their fantastic welcome promo by clicking on the bonus offer above this section to receive up to $1000 in bonus bets!

From your very first bet, all your wagers will start to accumulate you FanCash, which you will be able to see right below your balance at the top right of the app.

How can I redeem FanCash?

Redeeming FanCash is an easy and intuitive process across all of Fanatics platforms. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to use your FanCash:

On Fanatics Sportsbook
  1. Log In: Access your Fanatics Sportsbook account via app.
  2. Navigate to FanCash Rewards Page: Click on your profile the top right of the app and tap 'FanCash'.
  3. Click on 'Convert to Bonus Bets'
  4. Enter Amount: Choose the amount of FanCash you wish to convert into Bonus Bets.
  5. Tap 'Convert': Confirm the amount by tapping the 'Convert' button.
Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash Mobile App
On Fanatics Commerce Sites
  1. Log In: Sign in to your account on Fanatics, FansEdge, or any other Fanatics Commerce site.
  2. Shop: Add desired items to your cart.
  3. Apply FanCash: At the checkout page, choose to apply your FanCash balance to your purchase.
  4. Complete Purchase: Confirm the application of FanCash and finish the transaction.

Note: In order to use the FanCash balance you have accumulated in the sportsbook on their commerce sites, you must first link your Fanatics Sportsbook account with a Fanatics Commerce account.

FanCash Fanatics Commerce

Are there any restrictions on redeeming FanCash?

If you are looking to exchange your FanCash for bonus bets, the only restriction you'll find is that your FanCash amount must be over $.10.

In Fanatics Commerce sites, you can use FanCash to get discounts on merch, however FanCash cannot be applied to reduce shipping expenses, handling fees, or sales taxes, The discount only applies to the merch itself.

Where Can I Use my Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash?

FanCash can be earned and redeemed within any of the Fanatics Family of companies, both online and on in-venue retail locations.

This means you will not only be limited to exchanging your Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash for Bonus Bets within the sportsbook, but will also be able to use it to get discounts on merch, collectibles, sports gear, and more, on any 100+ Fanatics affiliated stores.

List of Fanatics Sites Where you Can Redeem FanCash

Edward Avery
Edward Avery - Content Writer


General Stores:

  • Fanatics
  • FansEdge
  • Fanatics Authentic
  • Lady Fanatics
  • Fanatics Big and Tall
  • Sports Memorabilia

NFL Teams:

  • NFL Shop
  • Arizona Cardinals Store
  • Atlanta Falcons Store
  • Baltimore Ravens Store
  • Chicago Bears Store
  • Cincinnati Bengals Store
  • Cleveland Browns Store
  • Denver Broncos Store
  • Detroit Lions Store
  • Houston Texans Store
  • Indianapolis Colts Store
  • Jacksonville Jaguars Store
  • Kansas City Chiefs Store
  • Los Angeles Chargers Store
  • Los Angeles Rams Store
  • Miami Dolphins Store
  • New Orleans Saints Store
  • New York Giants Store
  • New York Jets Store
  • Philadelphia Eagles Store
  • San Francisco 49ers Store
  • Seattle Seahawks Store
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Store
  • Washington Football Team Store

NBA Teams:

  • NBA Store
  • Boston Celtics Store
  • Charlotte Hornets Store
  • Golden State Warriors Store
  • Chicago Bulls Store
  • Memphis Grizzlies Store
  • New Orleans Pelicans Store
  • Orlando Magic Store
  • Philadelphia 76ers Store

NCAA Teams:

  • Air Force Falcons Store
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Store
  • California Golden Bears Store
  • Clemson Tigers Store
  • Colorado Buffaloes Store
  • Florida Gators Store
  • Florida State Seminoles Store
  • Georgia Bulldogs Store
  • Kansas Jayhawks Store
  • LSU Tigers Store
  • Maryland Terrapins Store
  • Miami Hurricanes Store
  • Michigan State Spartans Store
  • Navy Midshipmen Store
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers Store
  • North Carolina Tar Heels Store
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish Store
  • Oklahoma Sooners Store
  • Oregon Ducks Store
  • Penn State Nittany Lions Store
  • Tennessee Volunteers Store
  • Texas Longhorns Store
  • USC Trojans Store
  • West Virginia Mountaineers Store

Other Leagues:

  • MLS Store
  • NASCAR Store
  • WNBA Store
  • MLB Shop
  • NHL Shop
  • NBA G League Store

Fanatics Sportsbook FanCash FAQ

Does FanCash Expire?

Yes. FanCash earned placing bets with Fanatics Sportsbook expires 365 days after the last wager you have placed - or the last purchase made with any of the Fanatics Commerce sites. Anytime you make a new wager, you reset the expiration counter.

FanCash earned through promos or free to play games may have different expiration dates which will be detailed in that promo's T&Cs.

Is there a minimum amount of FanCash needed for redemption?

If you are looking to redeem your FanCash for bonus bets, you can redeem any amount above the minimum bet amount of $.10.

If instead you will like to redeem it in their commerce sites, you can apply any FanCash amount you have as a discount towards any purchase you wish to make.

Can FanCash be combined with other promotions or discounts?

In many cases, you can use FanCash in conjunction with other promotions or discounts offered by Fanatics commerce sites. However, specific rules may apply, so it’s wise to check the terms of any promotion or discount to confirm compatibility.

Is there a way to track my FanCash balance and history?

Yes, you can track your FanCash balance and earning history through your account on the Fanatics Sportsbook app.

At the top right corner of the app, you will be able to see your FanCash balance right below your regular real money balance.

If you want more information, you can head over to the Rewards section where you will be able to see your FanCash activity, as well as convert your FanCash into Bonus Bets.

Can I transfer FanCash to someone else?

FanCash is non-transferable and is intended for use by the account holder who earned it. Gifting, selling, or transferring FanCash is not allowed,

Are there any fees associated with earning or using FanCash?

There are no fees for earning or using FanCash. It’s a complimentary reward for your betting activity on Fanatics Sportsbook.