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Betwinner Nigeria Registration

Betwinner Registration → Complete your Betwinner Registration NOW!

Apr 15, 2024

Register on Betwinner and start betting on one of the finest betting sites in Nigeria.

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Thinking of getting a betwinner account? That's a brilliant idea!

Click on the button below to do your betwinner registration in just two minutes!

Why Register on Betwinner

Fantastic Betting Ambience

One of the stand-out features of betwinner Nigeria is its super attractive appearance. Betwinner is arguably the most visually-pleasing betting site in Nigeria.

This is the case both on a PC and on mobile.

Because of this, betting on betwinner is a lot more fun compared to betting on other betting sites.

Inside this beautiful exterior, you will get:

✅ One of the largest sportsbooks in Nigeria

✅ Super competitive betting odds

✅ Nice welcome bonus for new customers

✅ Fabulous mobile app

FAQs about Betwinner Registration

🤔 Can I do my betwinner registration in Nigeria?

Absolutely yes. You can register for betwinner in Nigeria.

Betwinner is a European bookmaker, but they have a site for Nigerian players.

Signing up on betwinner Nigeria is very easy. All you have to do is to visit their Nigerian site, open a registration form, fill the form and confirm your registration.

You will have your account within a couple of minutes.

🙋‍♂️ How do I register on betwinner?

Nigerian players can register on betwinner in one of two ways. You can either register by phone or by email.

The basic requirement for phone registration is a Nigerian phone number, while email registration requires an active email address.

Depending on your registration method, you will also be asked to provide information like full names, currency and nationality.

The registration process is short and simple and can be finished within minutes.

💡 Where can I register on betwinner?

You can register on betwinner right there in your living room or your bedroom or wherever you are at the moment!

You do not have to go out of your way to do your betwinner registration.

All you need is a device- like a smartphone or personal computer- and internet connection and you will be able to open your account.

✅ Is Betwinner registration free of charge?

Yes of course. Betwinner registration is entirely free of charge.

The days of paying someone to open a betting account for you are long gone.

You can now sign up on betwinner by yourself by completing the betwinner registration form on the site.

🎁 Will I get a bonus on betwinner?

Oh yes, betwinner has a nice welcome bonus for Nigerian players.

New customers get up to N100,000 when they sign up on betwinner. When you open an account on betwinner, make a deposit, and fulfil the bonus wagering requirements, you will get a bonus equal to the value of your first deposit.

Apart from the sports bonus, betwinner also have a casino bonus for Nigerian players.

During registration, you have the option of choosing whichever type of bonus you want.

⌚ How long does betwinner registration take?

Betwinner registration only takes a few minutes. If you are very fast, you can get it done inside two minutes.

Even if you are slow, you should get it done within five minutes.

You don't have to answer any tough questions or provide any annoying documentation.

Just supply some of the most basic details about yourself and you are done!

📱 Can I sign up on betwinner on my phone?

Yes, you can open a betwinner account on your phone. It works exactly like signing up on a laptop or desktop.

Betwinner registration is perfectly optimized for all mobile devices. You can sign up on a smartphone or tablet; android or iOS device; and all other mobile platforms going around these days.

You can either sign up on the betwinner mobile site on your mobile browser, or register via the betwinner app.

Either way, registration is sharp and simple.

🔒 Is betwinner registration legal?

Yes, betwinner registration is perfectly legal.

Betwinner is a legal betting site in Nigeria, licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Authority, the highest regulatory body for online sports betting in Nigeria.

So feel free to open an account on the site and enjoy the wonderful betting options on the platform.

Betwinner Registration Methods

Betwinner offers two registration methods to Nigerian players. You can choose to register in either of the following ways:

  1. By Phone
  2. By Email

What You Need for Betwinner Registration

Before you start your betwinner registration, you need to get some things in place. Here is a rundown of what you need for betwinner registration in Nigeria.

Betwinner Nigeria 1

Betwinner Registration Requirements

🔞 You Must Be Over 18

This requirement is not only peculiar to betwinner. It applies to any legal betting site in Nigeria. Betwinner is legal, and law-abiding, and follow Nigerian betting laws to the letter.

One of those laws prevents people under 18 from taking part in any form of gambling activities.

If you are below 18 and try to sign up on betwinner, betwinner will reject your registration.

Even if you lie or cheat the system to get through, you will eventually be found out and thrown out of the site!

So please, if you are not up to 18, wait a few more years before attempting to own a betwinner account!

💻 You need a PC or Smartphone

To sign up on betwinner, you need either a personal computer or a smartphone. You need a device through which you can access betwinner online.

This device is like the channel through which you enter the betwinner site.

Your device does not have to be the most complicated iPhone or HP computer; the most basic of smartphones will do nicely. As long as it can be connected to the internet!

🌍 You Need Internet Connection

As we mentioned in the previous point, you need internet connection for your betwinner registration.

Again, you do not need all of those expensive high speed internet services for your betwinner sign up; your regular 10MB mobile data will do nicely.

You will even have enough data left to make a deposit and place a bet or two after your registration.

Good news for Nigerian players is that internet connection is a lot cheaper and more accessible these days; so more people can now get online without any hassles.

📱 You Need a Nigerian telephone number/email address

Depending on the method of registration you choose, you need to have either an registered Nigerian phone number or an active email address.

If you don't have either of these, you will be unable to proceed with your betwinner registration.

By having your registered phone number or email address, betwinner can easily verify your identity and protect your account against internet fraudsters.

Make sure you provide a phone number or email address that has not previously been used to open a betwinner account.

How to Register on Betwinner

Having gone through what you need for your betwinner registration, let us now take you through a step-by-step guide on how to open a betwinner account in Nigeria.

Like we mentioned earlier, Nigerian players can sign up on betwinner in one of two ways. You can either open your account by phone or by email.

The first betwinner registration method we will have a look at is the phone registration method.

How to register on betwinner with phone number

We particularly like the phone registration method because it is just that little quicker than email registration!

Before starting up your betwinner registration in this way, make sure that you have your phone right beside you because you will be required to enter a confirmation code sent to your phone during registration.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register on betwinner Nigeria with your phone number.
Click on the Register on Betwinner link below

The first step in your betwinner registration is to click on the "Register on Betwinner" link below.

When you click on this registration link, you will be able to see the betwinner registration form, just like magic!

On this form, you can then enter all the required details, most importantly your phone number and proceed with your registration.

Register on Betwinner

Select "By Phone"

Now that you have opened the betwinner registration form, the next thing to do is to choose your preferred registration method.

Since we are discussing phone registration in this section of the article, you should obviously choose "By Phone".

That option is near the top left of the betwinner registration form.

In most cases, "By Phone" will be selected by default, but there's nothing wrong in doing a quick double check and confirming that it is the chosen registration method.

Betwinner Registration 1
Enter your phone number

Now that you have chosen phone registration as your preferred method, you can then proceed to enter your phone number.

Make sure that the number is properly registered in Nigeria; and that the phone number has not previously been used to open a betwinner Nigerian account.

If your number does not meet these conditions, your registration will not be processed.

Betwinner Registration 2
Set your currency to Naira

Since you are registering from Nigeria, your currency of transaction is set at Naira by default.

Once again, you can have a quick look at it to be sure that that is indeed the case.

You do not want to be making betting deposits and withdrawals in a foreign currency.

Not only will you lose money to the fluctuating exchange rates, you may also have to part with extra fees like currency conversion fees and transaction charges.

Betwinner Registration 3
Choose your Registration Bonus

During registration, betwinner offers customers the chance to choose between a sports and a casino bonus, or refuse to take any of the bonuses.

Now nobody really chooses that last option, right?

Anyway, you can go ahead and choose the one you want (or reject the bonus offer!).

Learn more about the betwinner registration bonus here.

Betwinner Registration 4
Accept Betwinner Terms and Conditions

If you are to own a betwinner Nigeria account, you must accept the betwinner terms and conditions, privacy policy and confirm that you are indeed of legal betting age in Nigeria.

Now you don't have to read and sign on any lengthy documents in order to do all of these.

All you have to do is to click a box towards the bottom of the registration form and you would be good to go.

Upon checking this box, the "Register" button will be activated.

Betwinner Registration 5
Click the "Register" button on the betwinner form

If you have provided accurate information in the previous step discussed, then the yellow register button at the bottom of the registration form will be activated.

If the button isn't active, then you have to cross check your entries to ensure that there are no errors or inconsistencies.

For example, you may have entered a wrong phone number. Once you sort our these s issues, you will be able to click the "Register" button.

Betwinner Registration 7
Enter Activation Code

Hang on, there is still one more step before you can complete your registration and own a betwinner account!

When you click "Register", you will be taken to another page where you are to enter a confirmation code sent to your phone.

You will receive this code via SMS after hitting the "Register" button. This step is called "Phone Activation".

It is a verification technique that helps betwinner confirm your identity.

Betwinner Registration 9
Click Check Code

After entering the code, click "Check Code" to complete your betwinner registration.

As long as you have entered the correct code, you will have your brand new betwinner account.

Betwinner will instantly generate your username and password with which you can log into your betwinner account anytime you want to.

Please endeavor to save your log in information so that you do not forget!

Betwinner Registration 10

How to register on betwinner by email

Having done a detailed breakdown of betwinner registration by phone number, it is only fair that we do something similar with the email registration method.

So if you don't have an registered Nigerian phone number, you can always sign up on betwinner with an active email address.

Just like phone registration, email registration requires that you complete a sign up form on the betwinner site.

To open the sign up form, click the button below.

Once the betwinner registration form is open, you can then proceed to sign up in the following way.

Betwinner Registration By Email

🖱️ Select By Email as your registration method

Since you are registering with your email address, choose the "By Email" option near the top right of your registration form.

Usually, "By Phone" is the default betwinner sign up method. So, make sure you change this to "By Email" once the form is open.

There are small differences between the two registration forms; the key difference being that one requires that you enter your phone number and the other wants your email address.

📧 Enter Your Email Address

The first entry on the registration form is unsurprisingly your email address.

Please enter an active email address that you have instant access too.

Choose Your Country

By default, your country is set at Nigeria on the betwinner registration form. Nigerian players get to enjoy many special bonuses on betwinner Nigeria, including a nice 100% welcome bonus.

💶 Select Your Currency

Just like the previous entry, your currency of transaction is also automatically set as Nigerian naira. Please don't make the mistake of switching this to any other currency.

Funding your accounts in Naira (and withdrawing winnings in Naira) makes life a lot more comfortable for you. You wouldn't have to pay any extra charges for currency conversion or what have you!

📝 Enter your full names

Some users are not comfortable with providing their real names on betting sites, but you shouldn't have any worries on betwinner Nigeria.

No need to put any aliases or nicknames. Betwinner are very safe and trustworthy. You can be sure that your information is secure on the site.

📆 Enter your date of birth

The betwinner email registration form also has a entry for date of birth. Remember that you must be over 18 to sign up on betwinner.

If your date of birth shows that you are below 18, your registration will be rejected.

And if you try to lie, you will eventually be found out!

🔒 Enter your password

Your password is the key to your betwinner account. That is why it must be known to only you.

Be careful not to choose a password that you will not remember in future.

Pick one that is easy enough for you to memorize and remember, yet impossible for anyone else to guess.

Your betwinner password must contain a minimum of 8 characters, and must include at least one upper case alphabet, one lower case letter and one number.

You are required to enter your password twice on your betwinner registration form.

This shows how important this entry is.

🎁 Choose Your Bonus

When you register on betwinner, you can either choose a sports bonus or a casino bonus. If you don't want any of these bonuses, for whatever reasons, you can reject them altogether!

Many Nigerians go for the sports bonus because the majority of us are more into sports betting than casino games.

✅ Accept the Betwinner Terms and Conditions

After providing all the required details, tick the box at the bottom of the form to accept the terms and conditions of betwinner, and confirm that you are indeed of legal betting age in Nigeria.

⏹️ Click the Register Button

The final step in your betwinner registration by email is to click the Register button at the bottom of the form.

Upon clicking, your brand new betwinner account will be created instantly!

Betwinner Registration Bonus

We have already touched on the betwinner registration bonus earlier in this article, but let's discuss it in a bit more detail.

Many betting sites now have a registration bonus, and betwinner is no exception.

New customers on betwinner get a 100% first deposit bonus, up to a maximum of N100,000.

A first deposit of N20,000 gets a N20,000 bonus, N50,000 deposit translates to a N50,000 bonus, and so on.

Betwinner Nigeria 2

During registration, Nigerian users can either opt for a sports bonus or a casino bonus.

There is also an option to reject the welcome bonus offer, but no one is going to do that right?!

Since most of us are into sports betting, we always advise our readers to opt for the sports bonus.

The most impressive thing about the betwinner registration bonus is that the wagering requirements are very reasonable. This makes it very easy for customers to actually redeem this bonus.


200% Bonus Up To ₦100,000

Turnover: 5x Bonus Amount Lowest odds: 1.4 Bonus code: No Code

Betwinner Registration on Mobile

Opening a betwinner account on a mobile device is as easy as signing up on a PC. Given that over 80% of Nigerian bettors bet on mobile, we are pretty sure that many of new sign ups will be creating their betwinner account on their smartphones and tablets.

Betwinner Nigeria 3

Good thing is that betwinner works just fine on any of those devices. You can sign up on either the betwinner mobile site or the betwinner app. Registration on either the site or the app follows pretty much the same process.

Here's a quick guide on how to register in betwinner mobile.

How to register on betwinner on mobile

Quick guide on Betwinner Registration on Mobile

  1. Click here to open the registration form (Of you are using the app, click the toggle menu bar at the top left of the page and choose "Registration"
  2. Select your preferred registration method (By Phone or By Email)
  3. Fill in the required details
  4. Choose your bonus
  5. Confirm your registration
  6. If you are using phone registration, you will be required to enter a confirmation code sent to your phone. Enter this code and click "Check Code".

Your betwinner account will be instantly created.

Learn more about the Betwinner App

Betwinner App → Download Betwinner App NOW
Apr 15, 2024

Download the Betwinner App and start betting on the best betting app in Nigeria.

Problems with Betwinner Registration

Unable to complete your betwinner registration? Hmmm, what may be the cause of that? Let's have a quick look at the possible problems and try to figure out the solutions!

Betwinner Registration Problems

⭕ Bad Internet Connection

If you are having trouble finishing your betwinner registration, one of the first things to check is your Internet connection. If your internet is unstable, you may be unable to open the form or submit the form.

Have a look at your internet subscription and confirm that you still have enough and that it has not not expired. For those using a wired connection, it is also possible that you connection may be bad because your internet cable is broken or not properly connected.

You can easily fix these and continue with your registration.

📵 Bad Mobile Network

This is especially possible for people using the phone registration method.

If your mobile network has a problem, you may not receive your confirmation code on time, which obviously means that you cannot complete your betwinner registration.

There is not much you can do if your network has a problem. The problem is often caused by technical issues at their end or congestion.

The way out of this is to switch to another network or to use the email registration method.

❌ Wrong Phone Number

This is a problem peculiar to betwinner registration by phone number.

If you have entered a phone number on your betwinner registration form, then you will not be able to open an account.

Make sure that you have entered the right digits so that you can receive your confirmation code and finish your registration.

Also, the phone number your provide during your registration must not have been used to open any other betwinner account. If the number is associated with another account, your registration will not be processed.

🔞 You are not up to 18 years old

Like we mentioned earlier, you must be at least 18 years old to own a betwinner account.

If your date of birth shows that you are not up to 18, your registration will be thrown out!

Even if you lie to cheat the system, you will eventually be found out.

What Next after Betwinner Registration

Congratulations on completing your betwinner registration, but that is just the start of your betwinner journey.

Here's what to do next after signing up on betwinner Nigeria.

Log into your betwinner account

Every betwinner account has a unique username and password. These are the log in details for the particular betwinner account. When you do your registration, you will also have your own log in details.

To log into your new betwinner account, click "Log In" at the top of the betwinner site and enter your username and password in the appropriate boxes.

You will gain instant access to your account.

Make a Deposit on Betwinner Nigeria

ATM Cards, Internet Banking, USSD, OPay

Once you are logged into your new betwinner account, your next task is to deposit some funds into the site. When you have money in your account, you will be able to place bets on the site.

Depositing money on betwinner Nigeria is very easy.

Payment methods available on the site include ATM card deposits, Internet banking, USSD and OPay.

Start Placing Bets on Betwinner

Now that you have money in your account, you are ready to start placing bets on betwinner.

Enjoy the amazing range of sports and betting options on betwinner. You can place bets on over 50 sports and thousands of events daily!

Complete your Betwinner Registration

Still not signed up yet? What exactly are you waiting for?

Click the button below to register on betwinner and start enjoying the incredible options on the site.

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