Tennis Betting Sites in Nigeria

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about tennis betting, and bring you the best tennis betting sites in Nigeria

Best Tennis Betting Sites in Nigeria

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Learn about the best tennis betting sites in Nigeria

Are you a tennis fan in Nigeria? Have you been searching for the best tennis betting site in the country? You have come to the right place!

Read on to find out all you need to know about tennis betting in Nigeria.

We will tell you the very best tennis betting sites, and show you what to look out for when choosing your bookmaker.

Find out the sites that have the biggest tennis selection, where to find the best tennis odds, how to get the best welcome bonuses in Nigeria.

You will also discover the best tennis live betting and live streaming sites in the country.

Come along with us as we take you through the best tennis betting sites in Nigeria!

Questions & Answers about Tennis Betting sites in Nigeria

Not sure how to get started betting on tennis? Here are a few answers that might help you on your way

💻 What's the best tennis betting site in Nigeria?

It depends a lot on your personal preferences. Each betting site is different and good in their own way.

Some tennis betting sites have high tennis odds, others have great welcome bonuses and promotions, while others are good for live betting and live streaming.

Throughout the course of this article, we will highlight some of the main differences that make up the different betting sites.

If you are looking for great tennis betting site that offers a little bit of everything, you should check out Betway.

🎾 How do I bet on tennis?

Betting on tennis is pretty simple. If you’re just getting started with sports betting, we recommend that you find a match you want to bet on and start off with a simple win/lose wager.

So decide who you think is going to win the match and put a small amount of money on that wager.

That will allow you to dip your toes into the world of tennis betting and learn how it works, without taking too much risk.

Read on to find out many other great options available on tennis betting sites!

💲 Where can I bet on the US Open?

Being one of the biggest tennis event in the world, you can bet on the US Open from pretty much any tennis betting site worth its salt.

The US Open is one of the four Grand Slams of the tennis calendar. Every betting site found on this page will allow you to bet on Wimbledon.

You will also be able to bet on other Grand Slams like the Australian Open, Roland Garros and of course, Wimbledon.

🔢 Where can I find the best tennis odds?

Odds are very important in tennis betting. They determine how much money we can earn from our bets.

Hence, it is very vital to choose a tennis betting site that offers the highest tennis odds.

Having done a thorough research of the bookies in Nigeria, we can confidently tell you that NairaBet has the best tennis odds in the market.

Click here to sign up on Betking and gain access those terrific odds!

▶️ Where can I live stream tennis matches?

There are quite a few tennis betting sites that allow us to live stream tennis matches, but the biggest of them all is bet365!

The live streaming service on bet365 covers an incredible range of tennis matches, from the Grand Slams to the ATP and WTA Tours, even down to the ITF and Challenger levels.

If you want to stream tennis matches from all parts the world, signing up on bet365 is an absolute must!

💰 Can I make money on tennis betting?

Sure, you can make money on tennis betting, just like you can with all types of sports betting.

However, it’s not easy, and it requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. You should not expect to consistently make money on sports betting before you become very good at it.

🎯 How do I open an account on a betting site?

Setting up an account is fast and easy. Just choose the betting site you want to join, click the green “Claim” button and then you will be redirected to the account setup page.

Here, you will fill in a few details about yourself to set up an account. Then, you will be able to receive a welcome bonus and start your betting adventure!

🎁 How do I get a welcome bonus?

It’s easy. After setting up an account on your tennis betting site of choice, you will make your first deposit on the site.

After doing that, the betting site will give you a welcome bonus!

For the tennis betting site with the best welcome bonus in Nigeria, check out 1xBet!

Choosing a tennis betting site in Nigeria

Football is the most wagered on sport in Nigeria, but tennis betting is growing very rapidly!

In recent years, tennis has become one of the most popular sports in Nigeria, second only to football.

We do not have any huge tennis superstar in Nigeria, but a lot of us follow global icons like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.

Tennis betting sites are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, and we are here to ensure that you have the best tennis betting adventure!

With over 50 betting companies operating in Nigeria, selecting the best from the lot can be very tasking.

Not to worry, we have done all of that hard work for you. That's our job, after all!

Whether you are new to the game, or you have been at it for a while, we will answer all your questions regarding tennis betting, and show you the best tennis betting sites in Nigeria.

    Qualities of a good tennis betting site

    When choosing a tennis betting site, you should always look out for the following:

    • Size of the tennis market
    • Ease of use of the site
    • Deposit and withdrawal methods
    • Tennis odds
    • Tennis betting features (live betting, cash out etc)
    • Welcome bonus and other promotions


    Best tennis betting site for beginners

    Because of its simplicity and ease-of-use, Betway is the perfect tennis betting site for beginners. This is one of the great strengths of this globally acclaimed bookmaker.

    Unlike other sites, which have cluttered and jam-packed pages, Betway is neat and tidy, and makes tennis betting uncomplicated and very enjoyable.

    Betway does not have the most robust tennis market, but this bookie is no slouch in that department.

    It covers all the important tournaments, including the Slams, ATP and WTA tours, while it also has Challenger and ITF events. You will find all the basic betting options on Betway, along with a very good outrights market.

    New customers are ushered in with an attractive welcome bonus worth 100% of first deposits, which are given as free bets once you complete the wagering requirements.

    The bookie is also rich in bonuses and promotions, enhancing your chances of winning some money even when your bets go south.

    Betway Tennis

    A snapshot of the tennis betting section on Betway

    How to bet on a tennis betting site

    Betting on a tennis betting site is very easy!

    You can do so by following these simple steps:

    1. Choose your preferred tennis betting site
    2. Open an account with the site
    3. Deposit some money on the site and claim a welcome bonus
    4. Start betting on tennis matches

    Once you enter the sportsbook of your tennis betting site, select "Tennis" from the list of available sports and navigate to the tennis match of your choice.

    For example, if you want to bet on a US Open contest between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, all you need to do is to go to "Tennis" on your betting site, choose US Open, find the match of your choice and make your prediction.

    What makes tennis betting sites great?

    Because of the year-round nature of the sport and the numerous betting options available in tennis markets, tennis betting sites have become extremely popular all over the world.

    The ATP and WTA seasons run for almost 11 months of the year, ensuring that there are always tennis matches to bet on for pretty much the entire calendar year.

    There can be as many as six ATP and WTA tournaments held every week, providing numerous matches for punters to sink their teeth into on a daily basis.

    Tennis betting never stops. The fun continues all through the year!

    The most basic bet in tennis is to predict the match winner.

    In the Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal example above, you can bet on either Djokovic or Nadal to win by selecting the odds that match your prediction.

    Your bets will be registered on a betslip usually at the right hand side of the tennis betting site.

    When you are done making your predictions, enter your stake on the betslip. You will be able to see your potential winnings. If you are happy with your bets, stake and potential winnings, go ahead and confirm your bets.

    Your stake amount will be deducted from your betting balance. If your bet is successful, your winnings will be credited to your balance.

    You can then withdraw your winnings via any of the withdrawal methods on the tennis betting site.

    Nole rafa

    Djokovic and Nadal are two of the greatest tennis players in history

    Tennis betting site with the best betting options

    Tennis betting goes well beyond predicting the winner of a match. There are many more exciting options that can be wagered on.

    Of course, you will find tennis markets on all bookies, but some of these markets are very bare, and limit you to very few betting options. More options lead to more entertainment, and usually, more winnings.

    The best tennis betting sites have incredible range and depth in their markets.

    Not only do you get to bet on games and sets, you will also find innovative options innovative betting options aces, double faults, breaks of serve and line challenges, and medical time outs.

    1xBet: Best tennis betting site in Nigeria

    1xBet offers an incredible range of tennis betting options

    1xBet stands out with its wonderful sportsbook, which covers a vast range of countries and tournaments, and offers some of the most dynamic betting options across all sports.

    You will find all the big tournaments on 1xBet, including Wimbledon, Roland Garros, the Australian Open and the US Open, as well as all ATP and WTA matches.

    The bookie is not limited to the main tours, as it goes around the world to cover matches across the lower-tier Challenger and ITF events.

    Whether it's pre-match or live betting, the 1xBet tennis market is furnished with wonderful betting options.

    The bookie also boasts the best outright markets in Nigeria, allowing punters to bet on winners of virtually every single tournament on the ATP and WTA calendar.

    1xBet also allows you to watch some tennis matches on the site via its live streaming feature. This is not only great for entertainment, but also enhances the live betting experience.

    So sign up on 1xBet today and start enjoying the wonderful tennis betting market on the site!

    What's more? There is a nice welcome bonus for new customers, who are rewarded with an eye-popping 200% of their first deposits!

    1x Bet Tennis

    Tennis betting on 1xBet

    US Open betting sites

    The US Open is one of the biggest tournaments in the world; hence, many tennis betting sites cover this event in great detail.

    However, some bookies are clearly better at it than the others!

    The best US Open betting sites are robust and dynamic, offering a wide range of betting options to their customers.

    From traditional options like games, sets and match results to more creative markets like breaks of serve and aces, the best sites have them all in their US Open selections!

    Your US Open site should also be enabled with betting features like live betting and cash out to add further excitement to the experience.

    Sites like Betwinner and Betway do an excellent job with the US Open, while bet365 takes it a notch higher by live streaming all the action from Flushing Meadows.

    So not only do you get to bet on Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and others, you can also watch them live in action on your US Open betting site!

    Latest US Open Photos

    Sport bonus:

    200% Bonus Up To ₦100,000

    Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.4 Bonus code: No Code

    Tennis betting site with the highest odds

    Odds are extremely important in tennis betting sites, as they play a major role in determining how much money you can win from your bets. Obviously, the higher the odds, the more money you can make.

    You will find that tennis odds are quite similar across bookmakers, but those little differences are significant in the long run, especially when you stake large sums of money.

    These differences also get magnified in long tennis accumulators. Take great care in studying these tennis odds so that you can maximize your winnings.

    Tennis live betting

    The live betting feature allows you to bet on tennis matches as they are happening.

    With so many tennis matches going on every day, and at different times, live betting on tennis is extremely popular all over the world.

    Whether it's on the ATP Tour or the ITF circuit, there is always a live tennis match being played somewhere in the world.

    'Leye Aduloju
    'Leye Aduloju Tennis betting expert

    What is the best tennis betting site for Nigerian players? Hmmm... I get asked that question a lot!

    Personally, I love bet365 especially because of their amazing live streaming service. There, I can watch and bet on tennis at the same time.

    However, the only snag is that they don't accept the Naira. If you are OK with that, then go for it! If not, there are other great sites you can check out.

    Betway is classy and smooth; NairaBet always win with their amazing odds, while they guys over at 1xBet never stop thrilling with their incredible tennis betting markets!

    So at the end of the day, it really depends on what exactly you are looking for!

    Just like pre-match bets, live bets can be singles bets or accumulators. The unique nature of scoring system in tennis also fits perfectly to live betting.

    Bettors can live bet on points, games, sets and matches, while options like serve, aces and double faults are available on some other tennis betting sites.

    So, whether you want to back Rafael Nadal to win the second set, or you fancy Serena Williams to break in the next game, you can always do so via the live betting feature.

    With tools like in-game stats, virtual live feeds and live streaming available, the live betting feature allows you to adjust your betting strategies and make better decisions.

    Bet9ja: Great selection of tennis betting options

    Experience the exciting tennis betting options on a true Nigerian betting site

    If you are looking for a Nigerian betting site with global standards, then you should really check out Bet9ja today.

    The Bet9ja sportsbook competes favorably with a lot of international sites, covering a wide range of events, and providing diverse betting options.

    Of course, you will find basic bets like games and sets betting, but what distinguishes the site from its Nigerian counterparts is the fantastic depth of the tennis market.

    We were particularly impressed with the unique multi-correct scores option on Bet9ja!

    Tennis betting on Bet9ja is so much fun, as the bookmaker offers some of the most exciting betting options.

    Bet9ja covers all the Grand Slams, ATP and WTA tournaments, and a good number of ITF events, ensuring that there are enough matches to bet on all through the day.

    The tennis live betting feature is excellent, providing some of the best in-play experience.

    Like all great bookies, Bet9ja holds its customers in high regard, offering new customers a 100% welcome bonus on their first deposits.

    So go ahead and register with Bet9ja, fund your account, claim your welcome bonus, and enjoy the wonderful world of tennis betting on the website.

    Tennis betting sites with live streaming

    How wonderful is it to be able to watch tennis matches and bet on them at the same time? Yep, that's the beauty of live streaming.

    Thankfully, live streaming is available on some tennis betting sites in Nigeria!

    This powerful feature is one of the best things to hit the sports betting scene in recent years. It is especially very useful in live betting, as you can see what exactly is happening in the matches, understand the patterns of play, make better predictions, and make more winnings.

    This feature is not only for bettors, but for all sports fans, who can now watch their matches on betting sites.

    Bet365 tennis live streaming

    So if you do not have access to satellite TV, do not worry, just log in to any betting site with live streaming services and watch Nadal and co in action!

    There are no charges for live streaming. All you need is a good internet, and a very small amount of money in your betting account.

    So find a tennis betting site with live streaming services today, sign up and start watching your matches.

    Not all betting sites in Nigeria have this service which is understandable, given the cost and logistics involved in setting up the feature.

    Live streaming services do not come better than bet365, so you should go ahead and register with them to start enjoying your tennis matches live.

    Sport bonus:

    Up to $30 in Bet Credits

    Bonus code: No Code

    Tennis betting site with best welcome bonus

    We all love freebies, and that is why we pay plenty of attention to welcome bonus packages.

    Virtually all tennis betting sites have welcome bonus offers, as they look to attract and entice new customers.

    These bonuses often come with certain terms and conditions, as well as wagering requirements, which must be met before the bonus is activated.

    While some sites set conditions that are reasonable and favourable, others set requirements that are practically impossible to meet.

    So make sure you study and understand these requirements before jumping on to a welcome bonus offer.

    Here are some of the things you must look out for in a welcome bonus package:

    • Bonus Amount
    • Maximum Limit
    • Wagering Requirements
    • Expiration Date

    After going through the different welcome bonus offers in Nigeria, we found 1xBet to have the best package for new customers.

    The bookie is extremely generous with its bonus amount, going as high as 200%, while it also has a relatively high cap at N100,000.

    The wagering requirements are reasonable, so is the 30-day validity period for the bonus.

    We recommend that you sign up with 1xBet today, fund your account, and claim your welcome bonus!

    Sport bonus:

    300% Bonus Up To ₦145,600

    Turnover: 10x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.5 Bonus code: No Code

    Sign up on a tennis betting site

    Now that you know about the very best tennis betting sites in Nigeria, go ahead and sign up with the bookie that best suits your tennis betting taste.

    Are you after the highest odds? Or you are there for the betting markets? We are sure you will find the bookie that matches your betting preferences.

    Register with any of our recommended sites today and start enjoying the wonderful world of tennis betting!

    Company bonusTextAction
    Bet9ja bonus
    Bet9ja bonus
    Multiple Boost Up To 170%
    1xBet bonus
    1xBet bonus
    300% Bonus Up To ₦145,600
    200% Bonus Up To ₦100,000
    Betway bonus
    Betway bonus
    100% Bonus Up To ₦250,000