Betting Apps in Nigeria

Find the best betting apps in Nigeria and take your mobile betting experience to the next level!


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Betway bonus
Betway bonus
100% Bonus Up To ₦250,000
1xBet bonus
1xBet bonus
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Bet9ja bonus
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Betano bonus
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Find the best betting apps in Nigeria

Looking for the best betting apps in Nigeria? We have got you covered.

Our team of experts have tried out the different betting apps available to Nigerian players and have arrived at the very best for your betting pleasure.

Read on to find the best betting apps for your android and iOS devices, and discover the different functions you can perform on the apps.

Betting Apps 4

If you are new to betting apps, you will find out how to download and use betting apps in Nigeria.

Simply put, this is your ultimate guide to betting apps in Nigeria.

Best Online Betting App

Betwinner App

I am a huge fan of the betwinner app. They have done an excellent job of creating a betting app that ticks most of the boxes.

The betwinner app is easy to download, it loads quickly, and very functional. Navigation through the app is smooth, ensuring a very enjoyable mobile betting experience.

There are quite a few great apps in Nigeria, but for me, betwinner gets the nod as the very best.

Leye Ayodele
Leye Ayodele

FAQs about Betting Apps in Nigeria

Here are our expert answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about betting apps in Nigeria.

🏆 What is the best betting app in Nigeria?


There are many great betting apps in Nigeria, but betwinner stands out with its great appearance and user-friendly ambience. The betwinner app is so easy to use, taking the betting experience to another level.

Apart from betwinner, we also like the betway app and the bet9ja app.

❓ How can I download a betting app?

Downloading a betting app depends on the type of operating system on your device.

If you are using an iOS device, you can easily get your betting app from the Appstore, but android users can only download directly from the mobile site of their bookies.

  • Click here to learn more about downloading a betting app on android and iOS
🎁 Which betting app has the best bonus?


The Melbet app does bonuses better than any other app in Nigeria.

They have three different welcome bonuses for new players, plus numerous other bonuses and promos for existing customers.

⚖️ Are betting apps legal?

Yes betting apps are legal in Nigeria, as long as the operators are licensed by any of the recognized regulatory bodies in Nigeria. The two main licensing bodies are the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and the Lagos State Lottery and Gaming Board.

If an operator has a license from any of these organizations, they are free to render betting services, including betting apps to Nigerian bettors.

🤔 Are betting apps free to download?

Yes, betting apps are free to download. You don't need to pay any money to get a betting app on your phone.

Whether you download from the Appstore or directly from the mobile site (in the case of android users), you will not be charged any fees for having the app on your device.

⚽ What is the best football betting app?

The best football betting app in Nigeria is Betwinner. Not only does betwinner has a great user interface, it also has enormous football markets that cover many parts of the world. New users can also claim a nice 100% first deposit bonus.

📱 How do I bet on a betting app?

To bet on a betting app, you need to sign up on the betting app and make a Deposit.

Once you have money in your betting account, you can then visit the sportsbook and make your selections.

After doing that, enter your stake on your betslip and confirm your bet.

Placing a bet on a betting app is as simple as that. Your stake will be deducted from your betting balance and if your bet is successful, your winnings will be credited into your account.

🔒 What is the safest online betting app?

All the betting apps we have recommended on My Betting Sites are safe for your phone. So feel free to choose any of the apps, sign up, download and start betting.

Below are the best betting apps in Nigeria:

  1. Betwinner
  2. Betway
  3. Bet9ja

Online Betting Apps in Nigeria

Back in the day, when online betting first arrived in Nigeria, most of the betting was done in physical shops.

However, in recent times, mobile betting has become the order of the day.

With over 80% of Nigerian bettors now betting on their mobile devices, betting companies have taken time to create great online betting apps to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Our aim in this article is to sift through the crowd and help you find the best online betting apps in Nigeria.
Company BonusAction
Betway bonus
Betway bonus
100% Bonus Up To ₦250,000

Top Betting Apps in Nigeria

Top 5 betting apps

Top 5 Betting Apps in Nigeria

  1. Betwinner- Great User Experience
  2. Betway- Best app for beginners
  3. Bet9ja- Best Nigerian betting app
  4. 1xBet- Betting app with the largest sportsbook
  5. Betano- Betting app with a high welcome bonus

Best Betting Apps

Now that you know our top five betting apps, let's go into more details about each of these apps and tell you what stands them out in a very competitive Nigerian market.


With a super-smooth design and fantastic user-experience, betwinner gets our nod as the best betting app in Nigeria.

On the betwinner app, you are guaranteed to enjoy every moment of your betting adventure.

In terms of features and offers, betwinner is not the greatest app going around, but it makes up for that with its brilliant betting ambience.

Betwinner is easy to download, either on android or iOS. The app is also quite light, which is great for your phone.

The app loads quickly, and moves swiftly between the different pages.

Betwinner Nig App

When it comes to betting app features, no app does it quite as well as the betway app.

From bet Builder to cut One, free data to live streaming, the betway app offers a very complete betting experience.

If there's a shortcoming on betway, it is the lack of betting options like Asian handicap, but that is a very small thing.

Compared with apps like 1xBet, the betway app sportsbook isn't the biggest, but it is big enough to cater for most of our betting needs.

Because of its all-round goodness, we recommend the Betway app as the best betting app for beginners.

Betway Nig App

If you want a betting app for Nigerians and by Nigerians, then look no further than bet9ja.

The bet9ja app is a Nigerian betting app with World class standards.

Unlike some rival betting apps, the bet9ja app does not require all of those annoying regular updates.

The Bet9ja app is simple and easy to use. Navigation is smooth, sportsbook is great while deposits and withdrawals are fast and easy.

While the bet9ja app ticks many boxes, we would like to see them work on their cash out offers, which are too stingy, and implement a bet builder feature.

Bet9ja Nig App

The 1xBet app holds the distinction for having the largest sportsbook in Nigeria.

With over 2000 daily events, 1xBet covers a wide array of sports and provides numerous betting options.

Not only does the 1xBet app have great markets, it also has some of the highest odds around.

So if you are looking to make the most of your bets, 1xBet is the app to get.

If there's an area 1xBet needs to work on, it is their customer service which can be annoyingly slow at times.

But if you can look beyond all of that, this is a fantastic sports betting app!

1x Bet Nig App

Fans of bonuses, gather here! We have found the perfect betting app for you!

Not only does Betano offer three different welcome bonus packages for new customers, but the app also has an app-specific promo called Goals Ahead.

Betano is also strong on betting features, offering loyalty programmes, bet-builders, Live Streaming,and In-play Betting, among others.

While Betano is dependent on data more like a typical app in Nigeria, once you subscribe to a network and use the app once or twice, you will be able to find your way around it easily.

Betano Nigeria

Choosing the best betting apps in Nigeria

Right. So how do we arrive at the best betting apps in Nigeria? How do we know which betting apps are best for you? In this section, we will take you into our minds and share with you some of our expertise!

We will show you some of the key factors that make up a great betting app.

Best Betting Apps: Key Factors

📱 Ease of Download

When we review betting apps in Nigeria, one of the first things we look out for is the ease of download of the app.

How long does it take to download the betting app? How much memory space does the app eat up on a mobile device?

These are just a few of the questions we try to answer when we put an app to test.

The ideal download time for a betting app is three minutes or less, while the app should not consume more than 50KB of memory space on your device.

Betway and Betwinner are amongst the betting apps with the fastest download time.

⏱️ Load Time

When you launch a betting app on your phone, how long does it take before it reaches to the home page?

This waiting time is the load time of the app.

Load time varies quite significantly from app to app. Some apps take less than 10 seconds to load up, while some push the 20-second barrier.

Obviously, the quicker the load time, the better.

We want our betting app to load almost immediately so that we can get on with betting as quickly as possible!

If you are like us and you are keen on load time, check out Betway and Bet9ja.

💡 Navigation

Navigation refers to the ease of browsing between the different pages of the betting app. The best betting apps have easy and smooth navigation, allowing users to move between pages without any hassles.

For example, if you want to bet on the EPL, you will have to navigate from the home page to the sportsbook, to the England page, before you finally arrive at the EPL page.

You must be able to do all of this without experiencing any drag or hanging.

If your betting app constantly hangs, then it is time to ditch it and switch to something better.

💪 Functionality

Another quality we require from our betting apps is functionality. A betting app should be able to perform all the functions of the main site.

Whether you want to sign up or deposit, place a live bet or cash out, you should be able to do it on your mobile betting app.

If you have to go back to the main betting site in order to carry out any function, it may be time to start considering another betting app for your convenience.

💰 Deposit Methods

Depositing money on a betting app is one of the great elements of online sports betting.

That's how the betting operators make their money; and that's how we are able to wager and claim bonuses.

Hence, a great betting app should have fast and easy deposits; and a very good example of this is the betway app.

Betting apps are supposed to make the betting experience more convenient, and this should be very evident in the deposit methods and techniques available on the app.

⚽ Sportsbook

We love an app with a great sportsbook.

Having a great sportsbook doesn't necessarily mean the app should go haywire and cover hundreds of sports.

We are happy if the app gives us all the most important sports and diverse betting options.

The bet9ja app is particularly good at this. It covers just enough sports and markets to meet our betting needs.

However, if you fancy larger sportsbooks, you can have a look at 1xBet and 22Bet.

🧰 Betting Features

Betting features have become very important in online sports betting.

It is no longer just about placing bets and waiting for the results, online sports betting is now a lot more dynamic.

Features like bet builder, cash out, odds boosts, push notifications, cut One, free data and live streaming have been added to the mix in recent times, making the experience even more enjoyable and rewarding.

🎁 Bonuses and Promotions

We know how tough it is to win bets, so any thing we can get for free is very much welcome.

This is why we are always on the lookout for the best bonuses and promotions.

And this is why we love a betting app like the Melbet app. They have got a wide variety of promos for Nigerian players!

Based on the factors explained above, here are top three betting apps in Nigeria.

Our Top Three Betting Apps

Best Betting Apps 1

Sports Betting Apps

Want to bet on a specific sport? Some betting apps are particularly good in some sports than other sports.

Click any of the links below to find the best betting apps for your favourite sport.

Football Betting Apps

Because football is the No. 1 sport in Nigeria, most betting apps are essentially football betting apps.

Any app that does not have a deep football coverage is not quite ready for business in Nigeria.

Betting Apps 5

A great football betting app has matches from all parts of the globe, from the major leagues in England and Spain to less popular tournaments in Malta and China.

Football betting apps also give regular football notifications, letting users know upcoming matches, team news, stats and live scores.

This is one of the great advantages of using a football betting app rather than a regular betting site.

Tennis Betting Apps

After football, tennis is the most wagered on sports in Nigeria. Tennis betting is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, especially when it comes to betting on the Grand Slams like Wimbledon and Roland Garros.

The fact that the tennis calendar runs almost every week throughout the calendar year makes the sport very appealing to bettors.

They know that there is always something to bet on, whether it is on the ATP Tour or WTA Tour, or even the ITF circuit.

Basketball Betting Apps

With the NBA following growing from strength to strength in Nigeria, basketball betting has been getting plenty of attention from Nigerian bettors.

Hence, basketball betting apps are also gaining in popularity in Nigeria.

Basketball betting has also been helped by the relative success being enjoyed by our national men's and women's teams.

People are now more aware of basketball and the great possibilities associated with betting on the sport.

How to Download a Betting App

Now that you know the very best betting apps in Nigeria, let us now get into the part where we show you how to download the betting apps.

Generally, downloading a betting app on your phone or tablet is very easy and should not take more than three minutes.
Betting Apps 6

However, depending on whether you are using an android device or an iOS device, the processes are quite different.

In the next sections, we will discuss betting apps for android and iOS devices and tell you how to download the apps based on your type of device.

Betting Apps for Android

If you are an android user, you probably already know that the Google Playstore is the store where you download apps for your phone.

Unfortunately, this store does not have betting apps in Nigeria.

This is not because betting apps are unsafe or illegal, but because of Google's policy in betting apps.

However, there is a nice solution.

With the Playstore not accepting betting apps, you can easily download your android betting apps directly from the mobile site of your operator.


Before you download a betting app on your android device, you need to give your device the permission to download and install apps from unknown sources.

Android phones generally consider apps not from the Playstore as files from "unknown sources".

So go into your settings and enable your device to install apps from these sources.

Again, don't fret about the safety or legality of the betting app. As long as you are downloading any of our recommended apps, you are in safe hands!

How to download betting apps on Android

While some steps may slightly differ from site to site, the guide below generally shows how to download a betting app on your android phone or tablet

  1. Visit the mobile site of your operator
  2. Go to the mobile applications page
  3. Click the android download button
  4. Download and install the mobile app

Betting Apps for iOS

Unlike the Google Playstore which does not accept betting apps, the Appstore, which houses iOS apps, is very recipient to betting apps.

Hence, to download a betting app on your iOS device, you can simply visit the Appstore, search for your preferred betting app and download.

Otherwise, you can also go through your operator's mobile site, as we have shown in the guide below.

How to download betting apps on iOS
  1. Visit your betting site in your mobile device
  2. Go to the Mobile applications page of the site
  3. Click on the iOS app download link. This will take you to the Appstore
  4. Click on the app download link in the store to get the app

Are betting apps safe to download?

Yes betting apps are safe to download. All the apps we are recommending in My Betting Sites are safe and legal. We have done our research on all of them and can confirm that they will not harm your phone in any way.

The operators of the betting apps have licenses from either the National Lottery Regulatory Commission or the Lagos State Lottery and Gaming Board.

That means they have been certified safe and legal by the main regulatory bodies in Nigeria.

How to use betting apps

As you have seen, downloading a betting app is super easy. We will now continue the discussion by showing you how to use betting apps. This section is particularly important for newbies.

If you are new to this betting apps thing, you may want to pay extra attention and learn how to do some basic things on your betting app!

Using a Betting App: Basic Operations

Here's a beginner's guide on how to start using a betting guide. We will go through the most basic functions, including signing up, making deposits and placing bets.

Signing up on betting apps

Let's start by showing you how to sign up in betting apps.

This is probably the easiest part of using a betting app!

Some sites like 1xBet and Melbet have the one-click registration feature, which allows users to sign up with just errrr... one click, but most apps generally require their users to enter some very basic personal information.

You will likely be asked to enter your full names, mobile number, email address, username, password and basic things like that.

Signing up on a betting app should not take more than two minutes

Betting Apps How To 1
Depositing money on betting apps

After signing up on a betting app, the next thing to do is log into your account and deposit some money on the betting app.

To log in, click the login button on the home page and enter your login details. This is usually a username, phone number or email address plus a password you chose during registration.

Once you have logged in, you can then click the deposit button to enter the deposit page of the app.

Like we mentioned earlier, a great betting app should have diverse and easy deposit methods.

For example, in Nigeria, the best deposit options are ATM Cards, OPay, Internet banking and Quickteller.

Betting Apps How To 2
Claiming your betting apps bonus

Many betting apps have what they call a first deposit welcome bonus.

This is a bonus given to customers that have just signed up on the app and made a first deposit.

Make sure you claim this bonus before proceeding with the rest of the adventure.

In some cases, your welcome bonus is credited into your account immediately you make your first deposit.

A nice welcome bonus will come in very handy as it gives you some free cash to play around with at the onset of your betting adventure.

Please note that you may be required to meet some playthrough requirements before withdrawing your bonus.

Betting Apps How To 3
Placing bets on betting apps

Well, the whole point of signing up on a betting app is to place bets on the app, right?

So let's give you a short guide on how to place a bet.

To place a bet on your app, follow these steps:

  • Log into your your betting app account
  • Visit the sportsbook
  • Choose your sport
  • Go to the match you want to wager on
  • Choose the odds you want to bet on
  • Enter your stake on your betslip
  • Confirm your bet

If your bet is successful, your winnings will be credited into your account.

Betting Apps How To 4

Best live betting Apps

Live betting is an essential part of online betting, so you need a great live betting app for this particular feature.

Good news is that many apps these days are very proficient at live betting.

In fact, once you launch the apps, the first thing you will see is a collection of the best and latest live matches available for betting.

Because live betting is so dynamic and immersive, a great live betting app must be super-smooth and easy to use.
Betting Apps 7

It must not hang or drag, else it may prevent you from placing that quick live bet.

Live betting apps must also have a great user interface, so that you can easily view the in-game stats, virtual Live feeds and possibly stream the match, if the live streaming feature is available on the app.

Actually, it helps a lot if your live betting app has all of these features as you will be able to follow the live match better, and make better in-play predictions.

Betwinner- Best Live Betting App

Betting apps with best bonus

Let's talk a bit more about betting apps and bonuses. Many betting apps offer one form of bonus or the other, but some are particularly great at this aspect.

We are not just talking about welcome bonuses here. This is about all the bonuses available to new and existing customers on the betting app.

Apps like Betano are very good with bonuses, having wide-ranging offers like the popular Goals promo.

Some apps are more stingy with their bonuses, even setting very difficult wagering requirements that make it almost impossible to claim the bonus.

We obviously do not like betting apps like that.

Naturally, we love apps that are generous and willing to help their users claim and use their bonuses.

Betano App

Great Bonuses and Promos

When it comes to betting bonuses, the Betano app stands head and shoulders above every other app.

New users can choose their welcome bonus offers, while existing users can benefit from the Betano Loyalty Program, Goals Ahead and many more.

The Goals Ahead promo is specific only to the Betano app. If the team you picked to win is two goals ahead at any time during the game, your bet gets settled as won.

Apart from the bonuses, Betano also has nice features like Bet builder. This app is definitely right up there with the very best in Nigeria.

Betting apps with best betting features

There are so many betting features available to online bettors these days. Ideally, we want our betting apps to have every available feature, but that is not always the case.

The table below shows a list of the best betting apps and the features that are present on each site.

This should guide you in choosing the right betting app.

Push Notifications✔️✔️✔️
Cash Out✔️✔️✔️
Live Betting✔️✔️✔️
Bet Builder✔️
Odds Boosts✔️✔️✔️
Special Apps Offers
Free Data✔️
Cut One✔️✔️
Live Streaming✔️✔️✔️

Betway App- Best Betting Features

Choose a Betting App in Nigeria

Ready to choose your betting app (if you have not chosen already!)? Have one final look at our list of best betting apps below and choose the one that best fits your taste.

Remember that we only recommend safe and legal betting apps.

Leye Ayodele
Leye Ayodele
Company Standout Feature BonusAction
Standout Feature
Great user experience
200% Bonus Up To ₦100,000
Betway bonus
Betway bonus
Standout Feature
Best app for beginners
100% Bonus Up To ₦250,000
Bet9ja bonus
Bet9ja bonus
Standout Feature
Best Nigerian betting app
Multiple Boost Up To 170%
1xBet bonus
1xBet bonus
Standout Feature
Betting app with largest sportsbook
300% Bonus Up To ₦145,600
Betano bonus
Betano bonus
Standout Feature
Betting app with high welcome bonus
50% Bonus Up To ₦200,000