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Betway vs Bet9ja: Which betting site is the best in Nigeria?

9 May 2021

So what is the best betting site in Nigeria? Betway or Bet9ja? This debate has been going on since like forever, and in this article, we will bring a finality to the contest (or at least, we will try to!).

Two of the finest betting sites in Nigeria go head-to-head in this almighty 10-round heavyweight clash! What will be the last site standing? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the bout!

Betway vs Bet9ja: Scoring System
Leye Ayodele

Leye Ayodele

Before we proceed, let us explain the rules of engagement, and how the champion betting site will be determined. This big bookmaker battle comprises 10 rounds, with one point awarded to the winner of each round. The loser of the round gets no point. If a round ends in a draw, the point is shared.

In each round, we will examine a particular betting feature, and score the betting sites based on their performance. The 10 features under consideration are:

  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Deposit Methods
  3. Betting Odds
  4. Football Betting
  5. Live Betting
  6. Customer Support
  7. User Experience
  8. Mobile App
  9. Betting Promotions
  10. Online Casino

Whichever betting site scores the most points after 10 rounds will be crowned champions.

Betway vs Bet9ja

  1. Best site for beginners

  2. Best Nigerian betting site

Betway Bet9ja

Betway: Opening arguments

Best betting site for beginners

When it comes to online sports betting, betway is one of the first names that spring to mind.

Established in 2006, betway has quickly become a global superpower in sports betting. This highly reputable brand is present in numerous countries around the world, and thankfully, Nigeria is not left out.

Betway may be international, but they have a site specially designed for Nigerian players. They accept our Naira and have our favourite betting options. Betway is an international betting site with a strong Nigerian feel.

The simplicity and ease-of-use of the site make betway the best betting site for beginners.

Bet9ja: Opening arguments

Best Nigerian betting site

If you are looking for a world class Nigerian betting site, a site created by Nigerians for Nigerians, then bet9ja is your plug.

Bet9ja is one of the first online sports betting sites in Nigeria. The fact that they are still one of the best bookies in the country is truly deserving of praise and a glowing testament to their enduring quality and consistency.

New betting sites have emerged in the last decade, but none has been able to dislodge bet9ja from the top echelon of betting sites in Nigeria.

Whether you want to start off your betting adventure, or you are looking to switch to a better betting site, bet9ja will take care of your betting needs.

Now that we have an overview of what betway and bet9ja are about, let us get straight into the main battle!

Round 1: Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is a gift you receive from your betting site when you sign up on the site.

The common practice with betting sites in Nigeria is to give customers a first deposit bonus. In this case, you will get your bonus when you sign up and make a deposit.

A welcome bonus usually comes in the form of cash bonus or free bets.

In this round, the betway bonus goes head-to-head with the bet9ja bonus.

Which betting site has the best welcome bonus? Who will win this crucial opening round and gain the early advantage?

Betway Bonus

Betway offers new customers a 100% first deposit welcome bonus, up to a maximum of N100,000. If you sign up and make a deposit, you will receive free bets worth 100% of your first deposit.

However, you need to meet the betway bonus wagering requirements before receiving your free bets.

Sport bonus:

100% Bonus Up To ₦250,000

Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 2.0 Bonus code: No Code

Betway Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirements

Here are the most important requirements governing the betway welcome bonus:

  1. The customer is newly registered to the Betway platform.
  2. The customer must place bets on either Sports or Jackpots equivalent to 10x the value of their first deposit at odds of 3.0 or higher.
  3. The Free Bet will only be paid once the customer has fulfilled the playthrough requirements.
  4. Customers have 30 days to meet the playthrough requirements to unlock the Welcome Bonus.

Bet9ja Bonus

Like betway, bet9ja also offers a 100% first deposit bonus, with the maximum bonus amount being N100,000. However, the bet9ja bonus is a cash bonus and not a free bets bonus. Hence, you can withdraw your bet9ja bonus into your bank account.

Once you sign up and make your first deposit, your welcome bonus will be credited into a separate bonus account on bet9ja. However, you will not be able to use or withdraw the bonus until you meet their wagering requirements.

Sport bonus:

Multiple Boost Up To 170%

Turnover: x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.20 Bonus code: No Code

Bet9ja Bonus Wagering Requirements

The key wagering requirements for the bet9ja bonus are as follows:

  1. The 100% Welcome Bonus is valid for all new customers who register with Bet9ja and deposit using any online method listed on the website.
  2. To be eligible for this offer, the customer must make a successful first online deposit of at least N100.
  3. Once the deposit has been credited to the account, the full worth of the deposit must be staked (single bets or multiple bets) on any sports market with odds 3.00 or greater
  4. The Welcome Bonus amount remains non-withdrawable until the Welcome Bonus has been wagered a minimum of 20 times on any sports market with odds 3.00 or greater.
  5. The wagering requirements must be met and the bonus turned over within 30 days of obtaining the bonus. After that, the bonus money will be null and void.


The bet9ja bonus and the betway bonus appear quite similar at first sight, but when we dug deeper, we found some significant differences between the two offers.

Bet9ja and Betway offer 100% welcome fist deposit bonus, with the maximum bonus amount being N100,000.

However, while bet9ja has a cash bonus, the betway bonus is a free bets bonus.

This means that you can withdraw the bet9ja bonus, but cannot withdraw the betway bonus. The betway free bets bonus can only be used to place bets on the site.

Betway Bonus vs Bet9ja Bonus

Quick comparison of the betway bonus and the bet9ja bonus:

Type of BonusFree Bets


Bonus Percentage100%100%
Maximum Bonus AmountN100,000N100,000
Wagering Requirements10 times20 times
Minimum Odds Requirements3.03.0
Validity Period30 days30 days

The other major difference is in the wagering requirements.

While bet9ja requires that users wager 20 times their bonus, Betway's playthrough requirement is 10 times. Hence, it is easier to redeem the betway bonus relative to the bet9ja bonus.

It is for this reason that Betway wins this very important round!
Betway Bet9ja 1

So betway wins a tight opening round to take the early lead in this big bookmaker battle! Can they stretch their advantage in the second round or will bet9ja fight back to even the scores? We are about to find out!

Round 2: Deposit Methods

When we examine and review betting sites, one of the most important things we look out for is the ease of making deposits into the site. Which deposit methods are available on the site? Are they fast and convenient?

Making deposits is very central sports betting. Without paying into betting sites, we cannot bet, and bookies cannot make money.

Hence, the best betting sites are the ones with best deposit methods.

Betway and Bet9ja fall into this category, but which of them is the best?

There is only one way to find out. Let us have a look at all the deposit methods on both sites.

Betway vs Bet9ja Deposit Methods

We compare the deposit methods between betway and bet9ja:

Cards Deposit
Online Banking
MTN Mobile Money
QR Code
Bank Apps
ATM Deposits
Bank Cash Deposits

As you can see, both betting sites have great deposit methods, but bet9ja covers more options.

Bet9ja is particularly strong in the online banking area, as the site allows deposits from a lot more banks and banking apps. They also have more USSD options than betway. And should you want to fund your bet9ja account offline, you can always try the bank cash deposits or the ATM deposit method.

Betway flex their muscles with MTN mobile money and Paga deposits, but overall, bet9ja wins this round fairly comfortably!

Scores are level! 1-1.
Betway Bet9ja 2

We thought this battle would be tight, and it is proving to be exactly as we anticipated! After two great rounds, we are deadlocked at 1-1. Which betting site will nudge ahead in the next round?

Round 3: Betting Odds

To maximize the value of your bets, you need a betting site with high betting odds. Odds determine the value of your potential winnings. Higher odds yield higher winnings and vice versa.

A good betting site has high odds across all its markets, giving users the chance to get the biggest winnings from their bets.

We spent a lot of time browsing through the betting odds on betway and bet9ja and made some very interesting discoveries.

Betting odds on both betting sites are actually very similar. There is very little to choose between them.

To illustrate this point, have a look at the table below.

Betway vs Bet9ja Odds Comparison

We have chosen five events, one each from five different sports, and compared their odds on betway and bet9ja.

Nadal to win Rome Masters2.552.55
Flamengo to win Copa Libertadores4.35


LA Lakers to win Western Conference3.103.10
Hamilton to win F1 title1.241.25
St. Helens to win Super League2.952.95


Betway and bet9ja are neck-and-neck when it comes to betting odds. Bet9ja generally has higher football odds, but betway responds with great tennis odds. And these differences are barely noticeable, except you are paying rapt attention, as we did while conducting our research.

The odds are almost the same on both sites across all betting markets.

Both betting sites throw some serious jabs in this round, but neither is able to land the telling blow.

In the end, we found it impossible to separate bet9ja and betway. We have our first tie of the contest! Both sites share the points in this round.

Betway 1 5

Round 4: Football Betting

If a betting site is to be successful in Nigeria, then it must have a very strong football betting section.

Football is the No. 1 sport in this country, and by extension, the round-leather game is the most wagered on sport in the land.

Nigerian punters bet on a variety of football matches from all parts of the world. Big European leagues like the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga attract most of the attention, but less popular competitions like the Chinese Super League get their fair share of customers.

There are several qualities that make up great football betting sites. They cover matches from all parts of the world, offer wide-ranging betting options, and high football betting odds.

How do bet9ja and betway match up in football betting?


Bet9ja lands some big punches in this round, dominating betway with its incredible football betting options. Not only does bet9ja have greater coverage, the site also has better betting options.

If you like football betting variety, bet9ja is the site for you.
Bet9ja Football Betting

All of these options are available at great odds.

Betway clearly isn't bad, but bet9ja is next level. The bet9ja football section will hold its own against the very best betting sites in the world. If there is one criticism against bet9ja football, it is the absence of the bet builder feature. This feature is available on betway.

That aside, bet9ja is arguably the most complete football betting site in Nigeria.

For the first time, bet9ja takes the lead in this heavyweight bookmaker battle.

Betway 2 5

Really good round for bet9ja there, how will betway respond? The great news for betway is that there is still plenty of time to turn the tide around. Six more rounds to go.

Round 5: Live Betting

Live betting is the betting feature that allows you bet on matches that have already started.

Many punters believe live betting is more exciting and more profitable than pre-match betting. We totally agree with that point of view.

Live betting or in-play betting is an immersive real-time feature that has become extremely popular all over the world.

Unsurprisingly, almost all betting sites in Nigeria, including bet9ja and betway, have live betting.

Both bet9ja and betway have very vibrant live betting sections, covering numerous live matches across many sports.

However, what separate the two bookies are the live betting tools present on the sites. The live betting experience is enhanced by tools like in-game stats, cash out, virtual feeds and live streaming.

Betway vs Bet9ja: Live Betting Tools
In-game Stats
Virtual Feeds
Cash Out
Live Streaming


In terms of coverage and depth of their in-play markets, there isn't much to separate bet9ja and betway. However, betway takes this round because of the availability of the live streaming feature and better cash out offers.

Betway Live Betting

With betway live streaming, you are able to watch live events real-time just as you do on television. This improves the in-play experience and assists bettors in making better predictions.

Both betting sites have the cash out feature, but betway is a lot more generous with their offers.

In fact, the betway cash out is one of the very best in the Nigerian market.

So betway comes storming back to even this epic battle.

Betway 3 5

We are half way through this clash of the titans and we are no closer to knowing the winner. Will the second half be as exciting as the first half? Let's go!

Round 6: Customer Support

The customer support on a betting site gives you an idea of just how much they care about their users. Some bookies aren't really bothered about customer complaints and questions, and just leave a lazy contacts form or obscure international number on their contacts page.

This is not the case with bet9ja or betway.

Betway and bet9ja have really good customer support, with well-trained personnel.

Their response times are very quick, ensuring that you get immediate answers to your queries.

However, this is a battle between betway and bet9ja; and not an endorsement of both sites!

So let's check out the customer service options on the sites.

Betway vs Bet9ja: Customer Support

Here are the customer service channels available on betway and bet9ja:

Live Chat
Contacts Form


From the box above, we can safely conclude that betway have put in more effort into their customer support program. They have more customer service channels, including live chat and WhatsApp, and are relatively easier to reach.

Betway Nigeria Support

And so for the first time since the opening round, betway takes the lead thanks to their excellent customer support section!

Betway Bet9ja 6

Round 7: User-Experience

How easy is it to use your betting site? Is the site easily navigable? Or are the page options jam-packed and cluttered?

In a bid to fit in as many features as possible on their site, some bookies end up putting too many things on their home page, making usability and navigation very difficult.

This is a major turn off.

User-experience is very important because it determines how much enjoyment you derive from the site.

Online betting should be very easy and convenient. Bettors should be able to move around the betting site without any hassles.

Again, the two betting sites under consideration in this battle excel in this area, boasting simple, easy-to-use betting platforms.

Betway Bet9ja


As you can probably tell from the above analyses, we have a tie in this round!

Betway and bet9ja have done excellent jobs with creating very user-friendly betting sites. They have done this without sacrificing the quality and quantity of content and features on their sites.

The menus are neatly laid out, making for easy navigation through the sites.

Whether you want to make a deposit or visit the in-play section; place a bet or cash out, you can easily locate the options from anywhere you are on betway and bet9ja.

Betway Bet9ja 7

As we head into the home stretch in this battle, betway still hold a narrow lead over bet9ja. Will they hang on to their advantage in the next three rounds, or is there another twist to the tale?

Round 8: Mobile App

The days of betting on large, clunky desktop and laptop computers are fast disappearing. Many of us are always on the move, and have no time to be sitting behind a big desk.

In fact, statistics have shown that over 80% of bettors in Nigeria bet in their mobile phones.

Hence, we need a functional and effective mobile app that allows place our bets anywhere and anytime without any hassles.

In this round, the betway app goes up against the bet9ja app in what promises to be another intriguing slug.

Betway app vs Bet9ja app

How does the betway app compare to the bet9ja app? We have rated the two competing apps based on the following qualities. (Note that the winner gets a thumbs up and the runner-up gets a question mark).

Load Time👍
User Experience👍
Ease of Download👍👍


In truth, there really isn't much to choose between the bet9ja app and the betway app. There is plenty of nit-picking going on here! They two apps comfortably rank among the top three betting apps in Nigeria.

However, we discovered that the bet9ja app loads a little bit quicker than the betway app, while navigation is just that little bit better.

This creates a better user experience.

Bet9ja App

Bet9ja also has a super cool ambience. The dark green, yellow and black colour combination gives the app a very unique and absorbing feel.

This topsy-turvy battle continues as bet9ja strikes again with its mobile app.

Betway Bet9ja 8

Round 9: Betting Promotions

As we gradually reach the climax of this battle, bet9ja and betway continue to match each other stride for stride.

Next up, we are comparing the betting promotions on the two sites.

Betting promotions are also called betting offers. They are like value added services we get from out betting site.

Some promotions are permanent, while others may be seasonal and only run for the duration of the season/competition.

Betting promotions provide another way of winning money and bonuses from betting sites.

Betway Promotions

100% Bonus Up To ₦250,000

The current sports promotions on betway Nigeria include:

  1. Betway Money Back Boost
  2. Betway Win Boost
  3. Betway 4 To Score
  4. Betway Build a Bet
  5. Double Your Payout
  6. Golden Boot Race

Bet9ja Promotions

Multiple Boost Up To 170%

The following promotions are currently running on bet9ja:

  1. Bet9ja 170% Multiple Boost
  2. Bet9ja Rewards
  3. Bet9ja Super9ja
  4. Bet9ja Cut-One


From the above lists, we see that betway have more betting promotions than bet9ja. The betway promotions are also more exciting and appealing.

Hence, betway wins this round to take a crucial lead in this contest.

Betway Bet9ja 9

Nine rounds down, one to go. Betway have the one-point lead. Bet9ja have absolutely no choice now than to win the next and final round. A tie will not be good enough.

Can betway hold on to emerge as the best betting site in Nigeria?

Round 10: Online Casino

Sometimes, we get bored of regular sports betting and may want to try our hands at other things.

Online casinos provide a nice alternative to sports betting. Casinos are becoming more and more popular on betting sites, with many bookmakers offering a variety of online slots and table games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

Casino games are not only very entertaining; they also provide another avenue to make money.

So if you are on a lean spell with sports betting, it may be time to take a break and check out online casinos. Maybe that is where your lucky break will come from!

Betway vs Bet9ja: Online Casino

To compare the online casinos in betway and bet9ja, we examined the quality and quantity of the games in the casino.

Both sites have modern and exciting games, but there is a big disparity in the number of games available on the bookies, as shown below:

Online Slots325258
Table Games2729
Live Casino10812
Video Poker20


Betway clearly have more online casino games like bet9ja. They are particularly dominant in online slots and live casinos, boasting over 100 live tables compared to a miserly 12 on bet9ja.

Bet9ja does have the slight edge in table games, but that advantage becomes insignificant when you consider the landslide dominance betway enjoys in other areas.

Betway Nigeria Casino

Betway also have greater variety of games in their catalogue, offering video poker and progressive jackpots to go with the numerous slots and table games in the casino. Other gambling options on the site include betgames and lucky numbers.

Bet9ja have got some interesting variety in their Arcades and Numbers sections, but they are not quite as good as what's available on betway.

And so betway end this epic contest with a convincing win in the final round to complete a fabulous 6-4 victory over bet9ja.

Betway Bet9ja 10

Final Word

What a battle that was!

Betway and bet9ja were almost inseparable for most of the battle, but betway pulled away towards the end, winning the last two rounds to take a very satisfying win.

With that, we are crowning betway as the best betting site in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of open an account with a betting site in Nigeria? Think betway. They have a very simple yet efficient site that makes life easy and comfortable for Nigerian bettors.

This is not to say that bet9ja is not good. They are absolutely fantastic, and have been edged out by one of the very best bookies in the world. No shame in that at all.

So if you'd rather sign up on a Nigerian betting site, bet9ja is by far the best place to go.

Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

  1. 🏆 The Champion

  2. 🥈 The Runner Up