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What are the best betting apps in Nigeria?

17 July 2020

If you're still betting on a desktop computer, you're stuck in the past. Using a betting app is the way of the future, and in this article, we will show you the best betting apps in Nigeria!

In this fast-paced world we live in, there is hardly ever time to sit in front of a computer and place bets.

Thankfully, with the help of mobile betting apps, you can place bets directly on your mobile device any time - anywhere!

To help you choose a betting app, we have examined all the best betting apps in Nigeria!

These betting apps will allow you to perform all the same features as the main betting site.

So whether you want to deposit funds or place bets, cash out or live stream, you can do all of this directly on your smartphone or tablet.

So what is the best betting app in the country?

  • In our opinion, Betway provides one of the best betting apps in Nigeria. Let us explain why!

Betway App

Best Betting App in Nigeria

Betway offers a simple, easy-to-use betting app!

Very much like the main site, the Betway app has a very simple design and is extremely easy to use. The different menus are well laid out, allowing for plain sailing navigation through the pages. This is what makes Betway one of the best betting apps in Nigeria.

Despite housing a packed sportsbook and great betting features and markets, the app is smooth and efficient and is able to perform every function seamlessly. You can deposit and withdraw funds on the app, play live bets, cash out, and carry out every other operation as you would do on the main site.

Betway has one of the best mobile apps in Nigeria.

Everything on the Betway app is very easy, including the registration process. All you need to do is to click the "Sign Up" button on top of the page and fill up the forms that pop up. This should not take more than a few minutes. The Betway app is available in both android and iOS.

How to download the Betway Nigeria App

  1. Click on the "Go to Betway" button below.
  2. Now click on the main menu and select "Betway App".
  3. You will have the option to download on either Android or IOS.
  4. Select IOS if you have an iPhone and select Android if you have an Android smartphone.
  5. The Betway app will now begin to download on your phone.
Congratulations - you are now ready to start betting on the Betway app!

Note: The Betway Nigeria app is not available on the Play Store or App Store. Only the international Betway app is available there.
The international Betway app is not optimized for Nigerian players, so we recommend that you download the Betway Nigeria App.

When you register on the Betway app, you will be eligible for a fantastic welcome bonus to start your betting adventure.

Click the button below and get started right now!

Betway Nigeria App small

Benefits of using a betting app

Quick load time and navigation

Using a betting app is much faster using the website on a desktop computer.

This is because betting apps are essentially minimalist versions of the betting site.

They contain all the important features, but none of the clutter.

So if you're often betting on a slow internet connection, or if you just want things to be fast and efficient, you need to use a betting app!

Location-independent betting

Another great benefit of using a betting app is that you can place bets where ever you are in the world.

Your betting app is always by your side, as long as you carry your phone or tablet with you.

So whether you are sitting in downtown Lagos or visiting your granny out in the backcountry, you will always be able to place your bets.

    Owlie betting app wherever nigeria

    Live betting

    If you enjoy live betting, you'll be happy to know that live betting on a mobile app is both easy and convenient.

    When live betting on a mobile app, you get access to exactly the same features as you would on your desktop browser.

    The main benefit is the convenience of it. Live betting happens in real-time, and if you can't make it home in time to catch the game, you can always conveniently whip out your mobile phone and start live betting where ever you are!

    Important: When live betting on a mobile betting app, make sure you're on a good and stable internet connection to follow the game in great detail!

    According to our tests, we found that Betwinner offers the best live betting app in Nigeria by far!

    Betwinner App

    Best Live Betting App in Nigeria

    When it comes to live betting, the Betwinner app does it better than most betting apps in Nigeria. This bookmaker prioritizes its live betting service, and makes it extremely easy to access the option on its mobile app.

    The Betwinner app comprises two main menu tabs, namely "Top Live" and "Top Sport". "Top Live" is the default menu, under which you will find a comprehensive selection of the most popular live matches across all sports.

    Hence, once you open the app, you are instantly taken to the in-play section and can start placing your live bets without the need for any complex navigation. Betwinner has a very vibrant and robust live betting section, covering a wide range of sports and providing diverse betting options.

    The Betwinner app is specially designed to meet your live betting needs

    The app also live streams selected events, and is packed with exciting promotions and betting features. Of course, the Betwinner app isn't just about the live betting option. With over 50 sports on offer, Betwinner has one of the largest sportsbooks around, backed up by numerous betting options.

    You can also fund your account and withdraw your winnings on the app. With its unique combination of green, yellow and black colours, the Betwinner app has a very attractive yet neatly arranged interface, creating a visually captivating betting experience.

    Download the Betwinner app on android or iOS to have a look for yourself. If you don't have an account, you can also sign up on the app and take advantage of the 100% welcome bonus!

    Live Streaming

    Did you know that it's possible to watch thousands of different sports events on your mobile betting app without paying a single Naira?

    Although it may sound too good to be true, we assure you it's quite possible.

    Live streaming is a service that's offered on a handful of different betting apps. A good live streaming service enables you to watch as many sporting events as you like, and usually totally free of charge.

    So how does it work? Well, most betting sites require you to create an account and make a deposit. Then you will have access to the live streaming service. You're not actually required to pay anything, but a small deposit is required.

    Live streaming can be accessed directly in your favorite betting app, allowing you to watch your favorite sports no matter where you are!

    Although you can access live streaming on both the Betway app and the Betwinner app, we believe that the absolute best place to live stream your favorite sports is via the Bet365 app!

    Bet365 App

    Best Live Streaming App

    Bet365 is the world's biggest betting site, and they are famous for a lot of things. But one of the things that players especially love about Bet365 is their enormous live streaming service.

    The live streaming service has become one of the greatest trademarks of Bet365. It offers more than 200,000 sporting events each year. An incredible amount of sports that players can watch absolutely free of charge.

    If you're interested in joining Bet365 and taking advantage of their awesome live streaming service (along with their other world-renowned features), we definitely recommend that you get a hold of the Bet365 app.

    On the bet365 app, you can stream matches from a variety of sports, including football, tennis, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and many more.

    How to stream: To see a list of matches available for live streaming on bet365, simply click on the "Streaming" option on the secondary horizontal menu near the top of the app and explore the wide array of sporting events available for live streaming.

    Beyond the tremendous live streaming service, the bet365 app has other excellent features, including a humongous sportsbook, fast and easy deposit methods, accessible customer service, great betting features, and let's not forget an attractive welcome bonus!

    Sign up on bet365 today and start enjoying these wonderful features!

    Bet365 Nigeria App

    FAQ About Betting Apps

    πŸ† What is the best betting app in Nigeria?

    We spent a great deal of time researching the different betting apps in Nigeria.

    We eventually narrowed it down to a handful of contenders.

    After careful consideration, we found that the best betting app in Nigeria is offered by Betway.

    Betway provides a betting app exclusively for Nigerian players.

    The app allows us to deposit Naira using convenient deposit methods, place bets, live stream and more.

    πŸ—ΊοΈ Where can I download betting apps?

    Some betting apps are available on the App Store or Google Play Store, while other apps must be downloaded directly on the betting site.

    For example, the Bet365 app is available on both app stores, while the Betway app must be downloaded on the Betway Nigeria homepage.

    • Click here to view all the best betting apps in Nigeria.

    πŸ“œ Is it legal to use betting apps in Nigeria?

    Yes, betting apps are legal in Nigeria.

    Just make sure that the betting site is licensed by one of the regulatory bodies like the National Sports Lotteries Commission or the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

    For foreign sites, make sure you confirm that they have been registered on a reputed international body before going ahead to place your bets.

    All betting apps shown in this review are offered by licensed and reputable betting sites.

    • Click here to view all the best betting apps in Nigeria.

    πŸ“± Can I live stream sports on a betting app?

    Yes, some betting apps will give you access to live streaming services.

    You will find live streaming to some extent on both the Betwinner and the Betway app.

    However, the best live streaming service can be found on the Bet365 app.

    So if you're planning on live streaming a lot of sports, we recommend that you download the Bet365 app.

    πŸ’² Do betting apps cost money?

    No, betting apps are entirely free of charge.

    If you ever come across a betting app that charges you money, turn around and run the other way!

    The best betting apps such as the Betway app and Bet365 app are both free to download and free to use.

    🎰 Can I play casino games on a betting app?

    Yes, most betting apps offer a selection of casino games that players can enjoy.

    This includes games such as online slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and sometimes even a live casino.

    If you want a betting app where you can also play casino games, we recommend that you download the Betway app.

    To recap, here are the best betting apps in Nigeria. Go ahead and download your new betting app today!

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