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Vaayu Saxena

Vaayu Saxena

Is Crickex the Best Betting Exchange?

Crickex is definitely one of the best cricket betting exchange sites in India. Along with the betting exchange, the betting site also offers the traditional sportsbook and casinos for players who want all options.

Here are the top features of Crickex:

✔️ Betting exchange powered by Betfair.

✔️ Free live streaming options.

✔️ Unique features like multimarket betting.

✔️ Great betting variety.

✔️ Betting exchange app.

Crickex has enough features to keep the average player engaged pretty well. Overall, our betting experts had a very pleasant experience while using Crickex.

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Crickex score

  • One of the best betting exchange sites.
  • Unique features like multimarket betting.
  • Free live streaming options.
  • Limited bonuses and promos.
  • More payment options are needed.
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Crickex Review

As always, our team did their best to dive deep into what Crickex offers and tried to bring you the most detailed review of the betting site. While Crickex has obviously gained its reputation for being one of the best betting exchange sites in India, it does have many other unique features and exciting offerings that we want to talk about.

So without further ado, let’s look at the Crickex review!

What We Like About Crickex

✔️ An amazing cricket betting exchange.

The most important offering of Crickex is its amazing cricket betting exchange. Betfair powers the betting exchange on the betting site, so it’s the closest to the original exchange experience.

Additionally, the betting exchange is pretty simple to use, with several sports featured on the list. Moreover, the sportsbook is entirely separate from the betting exchange so there is no overlap in the interface, making it easier for players to engage in their favorite kind of betting.

✔️ Free live streaming options.

Whether it comes to the sportsbook or the cricket betting exchange, Crickex has live streaming options for players. And live streaming matches are entirely free!

So players can easily watch a live match while making full use of the immersive betting exchange, taking their live betting experience to an altogether superior level!

✔️ Crickex has several unique features.

Crickex has no lack of unique features such as the multimarket betting option. What that means is that within the betting exchange, players can add various betting markets to the “multi markets” tab and then bet on them all at once.

Another feature that we really loved was the option to switch the interface on the Crickex mobile site and app that allows players to view the site in either the “compact”, the “classic”, or the “euro” mode. This changes what the site or app looks like and players can choose what works best for them.

Last but not least, the Crickex sportsbook has a separate tab for parlay bets, which are not super common on Indian betting sites so we were very excited about seeing those on Crickex.

✔️ Awesome betting variety.

We have already given you a small glimpse of the great betting variety that Crickex has - from the betting exchange to the traditional sportsbook, Crickex has a lot of variety. You will also find separate sections for the sportsbook, the betting exchange, the casino, live games, as well as the lottery.

As mentioned before, Crickex also has a dedicated section for parlay bets and even a category for esports, which is stacked with betting markets.

✔️ Crickex has a great betting app.

The Crickex app is great for players who are looking for the betting exchange experience on mobile apps. The app has a great user interface for players - allowing them to exercise most of the same options as they would find on the website.

The app also has the option to enable biometric login so that players don’t need to manually enter their username and password again and again.

What We Dislike About Crickex

❌ Crickex does not have the best payment options.

While the betting site does have UPI, Netbanking, and Paytm in terms of Indian deposit methods, the range of payment options is mostly limited. Moreover, the UPI payment is not instant, which means that it can take up to a few hours to have the money reflected in your account after you add it.

❌ The Crickex website navigation needs work.

The biggest problem we faced with Crickex was if we needed to use the sportsbook and betting exchange at the same time, it was quite difficult to do so. Both of these open in new windows, which means you have a few windows to juggle through - and this can be especially frustrating for players who prefer to play using mobile sites or apps. It can also be a bit confusing to navigate through the many distinct betting sections on Crickex, but you can get used to the experience with time.

How Crickex Compares

In this section, we pit Crickex against other betting sites of its own caliber and see how it performs when measured against the various parameters we usually use to rank and review betting sites.

Here’s a short look at how Crickex does when compared to other similar betting sites. For a more detailed look at these ratings, scroll down and read why we have given Crickex these ratings against every factor!

CRICKEX VS BETTING SITESCrickexBet365SportazaMegapari
Bonus offer6/109/107/108/10
Betting variety10/1010/108/1010/10
Mobile experience8/109/107/108/10
Payment Options7/1010/108/1010/10
Betting experience8/109/109/109/10

Crickex Ratings

💰 Bonus Offer

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, we awarded Crickex a rating of 6. That’s because Crickex does not actually have a dedicated Welcome Bonus. As opposed to that, it has a few different bonuses and promotions that players can redeem at any time.

One of their most prominent bonuses for sports players is the “Refer a Friend” bonus, which only awards you up to Rs. 500 to you and your friend, once they meet the wagering requirements. This means that Crickex is clearly not big on huge bonuses for new players, which seems like a shame, since it does have a great betting variety to offer!

We rate Crickex 6/10.

☑️ Betting Variety

We have awarded Crickex a rating of 10 for its betting variety since that is what the betting site excels at. Crickex has all kinds of betting - from the traditional sportsbook to a betting exchange and more. When it comes to betting variety, we doubt that many betting sites can compare to Crickex, and it is, without a doubt, what makes Crickex a betting site worth trying at least once.

We rate Crickex 10/10.

📱 Mobile Experience

For its mobile experience, we have awarded Crickex a rating of 8 points. That’s because the overall mobile experience on Crickex is user-friendly and easy to follow. The Crickex app is also pretty useful for players who like to stick to apps for their betting experience.

However, we did dock 2 points for the lack of smoothness in navigation, which we also previously talked about in the review section.

We rate Crickex 8/10.

💳 Payment Options

We have given Crickex a rating of 7 points for payment options. This is because there is a lack of variety when it comes to payment options on the betting site. While players do have UPI and Paytm as options, there is little else on Crickex.

Crickex also doesn’t have instant UPI, which means that the betting site can take a couple of hours to verify your payment and add it to your wallet.

We rate Crickex 7/10.

💻 Betting Experience

We have awarded Crickex a rating of 8 points for the betting experience category. This is because mostly, the Crickex site and app have a pleasing user interface. There are also pretty user-friendly features such as choosing from the “classic”, “compact”, or the “euro” mode.

We did not give a 10 on 10 due to some of the navigational issues. Since every distinct section opens up into a new window, it can mean that players on mobile can struggle with using the Crickex betting exchange and sportsbook at the same time.

We rate Crickex 8/10.

📞 Support

When it comes to customer support, we have awarded Crickex a total of 9 points. This is because Crickex does have many options for players to seek customer support. They have a 24/7 live chat as well as many more support options on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Whatsapp.

We have kept the one point for a lack of an actual phone number to call for help. However, Crickex also has a support email where players can reach the support team.

We rate Crickex 9/10.

Crickex - The Final Verdict

Now we’re at the final stage of the Crickex review - the final verdict of what our betting team thought of the betting site. So here’s our two head writers giving their two cents about what they thought of Crickex.

Tomesh Kulkarni

Tomesh Kulkarni

Website Manager

I loved the betting variety on Crickex.

“For me, the best part of using Crickex was its amazing betting variety. Not only am I a big fan of its betting exchange, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the esports section as well as the parlay bets feature. Although I recognize that the lack of a concrete bonus is a huge pitfall, I still recommend that users should definitely try Crickex at least once.

Crickex is a 7/10 betting site for me."

Vasudha Dewan

Vasudha Dewan

Editor at MBS India

I, for one, love the lack of bonuses.

“While the lack of bonuses seems like a big problem, I actually like that about Crickex. Big bonuses can often distract the users from the actual features of a betting site. And since Crickex has so many amazing features, I feel like I can forgive them this lack of Welcome Bonus. Cricket has so much to offer that not having a bonus is barely a crime!

I would rate Crickex 8 out of 10."

Crickex is highly recommended by the MBS India team!

After this detailed study of the features and pros and cons of Crickex, our team reached the conclusion that Crickex is offering a unique betting experience, one that will be definitely enjoyed by punters of all kinds.

Click on the button below to check out Crickex for yourself (or keep reading to discover even more about how Crickex operates)!

Is Crickex Legal in India?
Vaayu Saxena

Vaayu Saxena

Yes, Crickex is completely legal in India! Since the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which is followed by most Indian states, does not prohibit the use of online betting sites like Crickex, it can be freely and safely used by Indians.

Crickex is also licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission, which means that the site is regulated and super safe to use for all players.

To learn more about the gambling laws in India, feel free to consult our detailed guide on legal betting sites in India.

Crickex Registration

To start taking advantage of all the features that Crickex has to offer, players can create a new account and start using the betting site. In this section, we will take you through the steps required to sign up on Crickex.

How to Sign Up on Crickex

Follow these steps to sign up on Crickex in a matter of minutes!

  1. Click here to visit Crickex.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Choose your currency as INR.
  4. Enter your full name.
  5. Fill out your mobile number and email address.
  6. Write the verification code displayed.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Click on the final green button to create your account!

Once you finish the process, you can move on to depositing money into your new Crickex account. Remember, you will need to verify your personal information before you can withdraw any winnings from your Crickex account!

Click on the link below to register a new account on Crickex today.

Sign up on Crickex!

Crickex Login

Wondering how to log into your Crickex account once it’s been made? Simply enter your username and password to log into your new Crickex account.

The Crickex login is even easier on the mobile app. The Crickex app allows you to enter your biometric details, which removes the need to manually log into your account, again and again, making it super easy for you to keep coming back to the app!

Crickex Deposit Methods

Limited number of payment options.

Crickex has a very limited number of deposit methods, although it has enough Indian payment options to allow most users to be able to deposit. We do hope they add more payment options, however.

For now, here are the payment options available on Crickex:

  • UPI

  • Indian Netbanking

  • Paytm

  • Tether or USDT

How to Deposit on Crickex

Here are the steps to deposit money into your Crickex account:

  1. Create your Crickex account.

  2. Verify your personal information.

  3. Once you’re logged in, click on the green “Deposit” button on the top of the screen.

  4. Choose from the available deposit methods.

  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

  6. Complete the payment and wait for your money to be added to your account!

Click on the button below to deposit on Crickex!

Crickex Bonus

While Crickex is not big on a Welcome Bonus (which is something we’ve discussed extensively before), they do have some promos that can be claimed by all players, old and new.

Here is a glimpse of some of the most popular promos Crickex players have access to.

Crickex Refer a Friend Bonus

Crickex allows players to claim a bonus if they refer a friend. Players can refer a friend to create an account on Crickex by having them sign up using a referral code. This allows the player and their friend to claim a bonus of Rs. 500 each.

Bonus Amount

Minimum Deposit



Rs. 500 each

Rs. 2000



Crickex Birthday Bonus

Crickex also gives a birthday bonus to players every year on their, you guessed it, birthdays. You can claim a bonus of Rs. 1000 for your birthday every year.

Bonus Amount

Minimum Deposit



Rs. 1000

Rs. 5000 over 3 months



You can find more such bonuses and promos on Crickex. We do hope that they add a Welcome Bonus to their offerings soon. When they do, we will be here dissecting that too!

Till then, click on the button below to claim a Crickex promo.

Crickex Betting Exchange

The cricket betting exchange on Crickex is arguably its biggest attraction. We have already briefly touched upon the Crickex betting exchange in our detailed review, but in this section, we will discuss the betting exchange in detail and talk about the various features offered in the Crickex exchange.

The first thing to remember is that the Crickex betting exchange is powered by Betfair, which means that it is the closest thing to the original betting exchange experience. If you’re not sure what a betting exchange is, feel free to consult our detailed guide to betting exchange sites to know more about them!

For now, let’s look at the detailed features of the Crickex betting exchange.

Features of the Crickex Betting Exchange

✅ A wide variety of sports betting markets.

✅ Free live streams of matches.

✅ Great in-play betting exchange options.

✅ Multimarket betting allowed - bet on several different sports and matches on one screen.

✅ Live updates and sports news for all players.

The Crickex betting exchange is one of the finest in the Indian betting industry.

We highly recommend players try the immersive experience of the Crickex betting exchange!

Click on the link below to check out the Crickex betting exchange.

Check out the Crickex betting exchange!

Crickex Sportsbook

Crickex also has the traditional sportsbook experience for players who like to stick to the basics. The Crickex sportsbook is a different section entirely, so make sure you open the sportsbook from the homepage by clicking on the “Sportsbook” option.

The Crickex sportsbook has over 15 different sports betting markets, including the most popular options such as cricket, soccer or football, rugby, tennis, kabaddi, and more!

One of the most unique features of the Crickex sportsbook is the option to place parlay bets. Parlay bets allow players to mix various wagers into one bet. Parlay bets are also known as accumulator bets and they operate according to a “high risk, high reward” formula.

If a player loses even one wager in a parlay bet, they lose their entire money. However, if they win all wagers within a parlay bet, they stand to make a hefty profit. At Crickex, you can make parlay bets in just about any sports betting market!

Crickex Bet

How to Place a Crickex Bet

Here’s how you can place a bet on the Crickex sportsbook:

  1. Create a new account or log into an existing Crickex account.
  2. Make sure you have funds in your Crickex account.
  3. From the homepage, select the “Sportsbook” option.
  4. Select the sport you wish to bet on from the list on the left.
  5. Select the match from the list of betting markets.
  6. Choose your betting odds and add them to the bet slip.
  7. Enter your stake and place the bet!

If you wish to place a parlay bet, simply add multiple betting odds and turn them into a parlay or accumulator bet to raise the stakes.

Click on the button below to bet on the Crickex sportsbook!

Crickex App

In this section, we will take a look at the Crickex app and the various pros and cons of using it. While we do recommend using the Crickex app to players who generally prefer apps over mobile sites or websites, in our experience, the user interface for the mobile site and website was much better overall.

But let’s explore the pros and cons of the Crickex app below.

Pros and Cons of the Crickex App



✔️ Biometric login.

❌ Difficult to navigate.

✔️ More compact in design.

❌ Needs frequent updates.

✔️ Faster to load than the website.

Crickex Review Conclusion

Is Crickex the right betting site for you?

We have now covered every aspect of the Crickex sports experience - its detailed review, its comparison with other betting sites, how to use its various features, as well as a detailed look at its app.

With that behind us, there is only one thing to do - take a final call on whether Crickex is the right choice for you. Let’s answer this question once and for all - should you use Crickex?

Should you use Crickex?

Crickex is a great choice for you if you:

  • Enjoy a betting exchange experience.

  • Like live betting with streaming options.

  • Do not mind the lack of a bonus.

  • Enjoy a vast variety of betting options.

  • Enjoy making risky plays like parlay bets.

If this sounds like you, then you will definitely enjoy the experience of using Crickex. You can check out Crickex by clicking on the button below.

Crickex review

Crickex sportbonus

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