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Bet365 Cricket - How to Bet on Cricket using Bet365? (Best Guide 2021)

8 July 2021

You’ve probably already heard about Bet365 and its amazing sportsbook, which is why you’re here. Through this article, we will talk about Bet365 cricket betting and how you can make the most of your experience on the betting site! Read more

How to Use the Betwinner App? MUST READ for all Betwinner Users!

23 June 2021

Read our article and find out all the latest scoop on the Betwinner app. If you’re wondering how to make the switch to the Betwinner app, then this is the ultimate user guide to get you started! Read more

List of Online Bookmakers in India - A Complete List of 50+ Bookmakers!

11 June 2021

We have done it - created a complete list of ALL online bookmakers in India! Ranging from the best to the worst, read our ultimate list of online bookmakers and find what you're looking for! Read more

How to Play Betway - The Ultimate Betway User Guide!

24 May 2021

For everyone out there still struggling to find the best way to play on Betway, My Betting Sites India has the perfect Betway guide for you. Right from signing up for the first time to placing your first bet, we will tell you exactly how to play Betway! Read more

Best IPL Satta Apps - Use The Best IPL Satta Apps in 2021!

16 April 2021

Playing IPL satta can be a lot of fun every year, especially if you have the right IPL satta apps to help you with your betting experience. But if you’re confused about which satta app to pick up in 2021, we’re here to help you make the choice. In this article, we will talk about the various IPL ... Read more

Is Parimatch Legal in India? (Find Out if Parimatch is Legal)!

16 February 2021

Parimatch is quickly becoming one of the most popular betting sites in India, and for good reason. With a great sportsbook and a varied casino section, Parimatch is perfect for all kinds of punters. But before you begin using the betting site, here’s an article that will answer the most important ... Read more

Is Betway Legal in India? (Read Before You Use Betway)!

9 December 2020

Betway is easily one of the most popular betting sites in India. However, Indian users may still not be sure whether the use of Betway is legal in India. That’s why through this exhaustively researched article, we hope to answer that exact question - is Betway legal in India? Read more

How to Use Bet365 in India (Best Guide for Bet365 in 2021)!

10 March 2020

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use bet365. You will learn about how to open and verify your account, how to fund your account, and of course, how to place bets on Bet365! Read more

Is it Possible to Make Money While Betting Online? Find Out Now!

21 November 2019

Making money on online betting is possible, but not easy. In this article, we reveal how to get started on your journey to make money with online betting. Read more

How to Claim a Welcome Bonus on Betting Sites in India!

19 November 2019

So you've found a betting site and you're ready to get started placing bets. Now the time has come to open an account on your betting site of choice, so you can get your hands on a juicy welcome bonus. In this article, we will show you exactly how to claim the best welcome bonus in India! Read more