Sports Betting in Ghana

Wanna find out about sports betting in Ghana? Do you want to join your friends in placing bets on sports betting sites in Ghana? This article is just for you.

Sports Betting in Ghana

Table of Contents

In this guide, you will learn about:

  1. online sports betting in Ghana
  2. How to get started sports betting in Ghana
  3. How to deposit money on a sports betting site
  4. How to place a bet on a sports betting site
  5. What sports you can bet on

We will also discuss:

  • mobile Betting
  • legality of sports betting in Ghana

and a lot more!

After reading this guide, you will have all the information you need to start your sports betting journey in Ghana.

Want to join in the fun of sports betting in Ghana? You are in luck. We have done this very special sports betting guide just for you!

You will learn everything you need to know about sports betting in Ghana.

Find out how to get started with sports betting in Ghana, and discover the best sports betting sites in the country.

MBS Ghana Owlie

Learn about sports deposit methods, betting bonuses, betting odds, live betting and many other great sports betting features.

After reading this article, you will be well equipped to start your online sports betting journey in Ghana!

Happy Reading and Happy Betting!

Sports Betting Sites in Ghana


  • Simple, user-friendly betting site; perfect for beginners
  • Convenient deposit methods, accepts MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo
  • Loads of great promotions for Ghanaian players
  • The Esports selection can be a lot better
  • No Asian Handicaps
Welcome Offer
Free Bets Up To GHS 200
Claim Go to website
Website: 2006
Owner: BetwayHeadquarters: Malta
Betway Ghana Home
Betway Ghana Live Betting
Betway Ghana Football


Author: Leye Ayodele Leye Ayodele

Betway is one of the best betting sites the world, offering high quality online betting services to millions of customers all over the world.

They entered the Ghanaian market in 2016, and have since become firm favourites amongst Ghanaian punters.

Betway Ghana is simple and easy to use, boasting a superb sportsbook, great deposit methods, a nice welcome bonus for new customers, and many other exciting betting features.

Join Betway Ghana

Read full review


  • Large sportsbook with great variety in betting markets
  • Massive welcome bonus for Ghanaian players
  • Easy deposit methods like MTN, Vodafone, Airtel Tigo and cards deposits
  • Due to the busy nature of the site, 1xBet can appear cluttered
  • The 1xBet customer support can be slow to respond
Welcome Offer
200% Up To GHS 550
Claim Go to website
Website: 2007
Owner: 1X Corp N.V.Headquarters: Cyprus
1x Bet Ghana Home
1x Bet Ghana Live Betting
1x Bet Ghana Welcome Bonus


Author: Leye Ayodele Leye Ayodele

Founded in 2007, international heavyweights, 1xBet have been operating in Ghana for a few years now, and have become one of the most popular betting sites in the West African country.

Offering an incredibly large sportsbook, a massive welcome bonus and loads of other promotions for Ghanaian players, 1xBet has quickly risen to the top order of betting companies in Ghana.

Open a 1xBet Account

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  • Awesome 200% welcome bonus for new players
  • Many other great bonuses and promotions for existing players
  • Accepts Ghanaian cedis and allows MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo payments
  • Not the best live streaming site in Ghana
  • Melbet does not accept cards deposits for now
Welcome Offer
200% up to GHS 600
Claim Go to website
Owner: Otrada LimitedHeadquarters:
Melbet Ghana Home
Melbet Ghana Bonus
Melbet Ghana Live


Author: Leye Ayodele Leye Ayodele

Want a betting site with great bonuses and promotions for Ghanaian players? Welcome to the world of Melbet.

Melbet are one of the very few betting sites that offer a 200% welcome bonus on first deposits, which effectively means they will triple the value of your first deposit.

Beyond this awesome welcome offer, Melbet Ghana has a super-packed sportsbook, boasting an incredible amount of betting offers and features.

Open a Melbet Ghana account

Read full review


  • Large welcome bonus for Ghanaian players- up to 750 GHS
  • Tremendous depth in their football markets
  • Some of the highest odds in the Ghanaian market
  • Numerous betting features and options make the site slow and busy at times
  • Welcome bonus validity of seven days is a little bit too short
Welcome Offer
100% Up To GHS 750
Claim Go to website
Website: 2017
Owner: Marikit HoldingsHeadquarters: Cyprus
22 Bet Ghana Home
22 Bet Ghana Live Betting
22 Bet Ghana Casino


Author: Leye Ayodele Leye Ayodele

Want to start betting online in Ghana? Let us introduce you to 22Bet!

With a large welcome bonus, wide-ranging betting options and numerous promotions for Ghanaian players, 22Bet has become one of the leading betting sites in Ghana.

Join thousands of Ghanaians in signing up on 22Bet and gain access to the thrilling and immersive world of online sports betting!

Open a 22Bet Account

Read full review

FAQs about Sports Betting in Ghana

Got any questions on sports betting in Ghana? We have compiled the most popular questions and provided all of the answers for you.

❓ What is the best sports betting site in Ghana?

There is no singular answer to this question. There are many great sports betting sites in Ghana.

The best betting site is always down to individual preferences. Some players want sites with high odds; some are after big bonuses while other just want a betting site with diverse markets.

No betting site can meet the needs of every Ghanaian punter, but we found these three sites to be the very best in the country:

  1. Betway
  2. 22Bet
  3. 1xBet

📱 Which sports betting app is the best?

Almost every betting site now has a mobile app, or at least a very good mobile site. These mobile apps have become very multifunctional, giving players the opportunity to carry out many operations on their phones.

For the best mobile app in Ghana, check out betway. The betway app is smooth and easy to use, while packing a very heavy sportsbook.

⚖️ Is sports betting legal in Ghana?

Yes, sports betting legal in Ghana.

Sports betting is governed by the Gaming Act 2006 and regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana. If a betting site is licensed by the Gaming Commission, as are all the sites on this page, the site is safe and legal to operate in Ghana.

💰 Can I make money from sports betting in Ghana?

Yes, it is very possible to make money from online sports betting in Ghana.

However, you will need plenty of luck to be a successful punter.

This is because you have absolutely zero power over what happens in the sports event that you have wagered on. All you can do is to make your informed selection and hope for the best.

You can improve your chances of winnings by taking some extra time to study the teams involved and adopt a betting strategy.

⚽ How do I start sports betting in Ghana?

Very easy. To start sports betting in Ghana, you need to open an account with one of the betting sites in the country. You can choose from our list of recommended betting sites.

Once you open your account, go ahead and make a deposit and start betting. It is as simple as that!

💳 How do I deposit money into sports betting sites in Ghana?

Here in Ghana, the most popular deposit method is mobile money. Sports betting operators now have our most popular mobile money deposit options like MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo.

You can also make a deposit via other means, including cards deposits and e-Wallets.

🔢 Where can I get the best sports betting odds?

For the best sports betting odds in Ghana, check out 22Bet.

They have great odds in all their markets, whether it is football or tennis, live bets or outright bets.

With these high odds, you are sure to maximize your winnings

🎁 Which sports betting site has the best bonus?

Most sports betting companies now have welcome bonus offers. It is marketing strategy aimed at attracting new customers and fending off the competition. The betting sites with the best welcome bonus offers in Ghana are:

  1. Betway
  2. 1xBet
  3. Melbet

Sports Betting in Ghana

Online sports betting in Ghana has picked up pace in recent years, with millions of Ghanaians now placing bets on a daily basis.

Most Ghanaian players place bets on football, but sports like basketball, tennis, handball and rugby are also very popular with bettors in Ghana.

As the industry becomes more lucrative, more betting sites are setting up shop in the country. There are now over 20 sports betting sites in the Ghanaian market.

Our job is to sift through the sites and help you find the best sports betting sites in Ghana.

If you are totally new to the game, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to place bets on betting site in Ghana.

We will teach you how to create a sports betting account, make deposits on a sports betting site and get a welcome bonus from your bookmaker.

So read on as we guide you through your online sports betting journey in Ghana.

Betway: Best Sports Betting Sites for Beginners

Launch your online betting journey with betway!

✅ Simple, easy to use betting site

✅ International betting site with great reputation around the world

✅ Accept Ghanaian cedis

✅ Accept mobile money (MTN, Airtel Tigo and Vodafone)

✅ Great sportsbook

✅ Nice welcome bonus for Ghanaian players

What makes online sports betting great?

Betting and gambling have always been popular in Ghana, but online sports betting has taken the popularity to a higher level.

Online sports betting makes gambling easier and more convenient for players.

Rather than lining up in congested betting shops and waiting for hours to get attended to, you can easily place your bet on your PC or mobile device.

Not only can you place bets online, you can also other activities like deposits, withdrawals, live betting, cash out, live streaming and many more!

With the advent of mobile betting and mobile apps, you can now place your bets anywhere and anytime.

Online sports betting is faster and safer, as long as you are betting on a legal betting site in Ghana.

With legal online betting sites, your information and transactions are safe and secure.

Getting started with sports betting in Ghana

Ready to start your sports betting adventure in Ghana? Join us on the ride!

Find a sports betting site

To place a bet online, you need a betting site.

With over 20 sports betting sites operating in Ghana, there is no shortage of options for Ghanaian players.

Ghana is one of the more liberal countries in Ghana when it comes to online sports betting. This has given way to the rise of many betting sites in Ghana.

However, the large number of sports betting sites can also be a negative, especially for players that are just getting into sports betting.

Not all of these bookies are great for betting. Some are shady while others are downright illegal.

So how do you know which betting site to choose?

Well, that is exactly why we are here- to help you choose the best betting sites.

When choosing a betting site, the first thing to look out for is the safety and legality of the betting site.

All of the sites that we have listed on MBS Ghana are safe and legal, so feel free to select any one of them.

Legal Sports Betting Sites in Ghana

For a betting site to be legal in Ghana, it must be licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG). The GCG is the highest regulatory body for online sports betting in Ghana.

To find out if a betting site is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana, simply scroll down to the bottom of the home page of the site to find the license information.

Legal betting sites are very open with this information.

If you cannot find this info, you should avoid that betting site.

Or better still, simply choose from our list of legal betting sites in Ghana. That will save you the stress searching for license information on every betting site!

Legal sports betting sites in Ghana

  1. Free Bets Up To GHS 200

  2. 200% Up To GHS 550

  3. 200% up to GHS 600

  4. 100% Up To GHS 750

Apart from legality, what else should I look out for in a betting site?


Online sports betting should bring fun and excitement, and not frustration and confusion. This is why you should join a betting site that is very user-friendly. The bookmaker must be simple to use and easy to navigate so that you can move through the pages without any hassles.

Deposit methods

Now this is a very important aspect of sports betting in Ghana. After all, if you cannot deposit money on a betting site, you will not be able to place a bet on the site. Hence, you must be on the look-out for site that has convenient deposit methods like mobile money and cards deposits.


A great betting site must have a great sportsbook. The sportsbook must cover a wide variety of sports, and offer numerous betting markets to its customers. Typically, a great sportsbook has at least 20 sports and about 1000 events on daily basis.

Welcome Bonus

Call us greedy, but we love a welcome bonus from our sports betting sites! Who doesn't like freebies and bonuses? A welcome bonus gives a solid financial start to the sports betting journey. With a nice welcome bonus in hand, you have some free money to play around with.

  1. 200% up to GHS 600

  2. Free Bets Up To GHS 200

  3. 200% Up To GHS 550

  4. 100% Up To GHS 750

Betting features: Live betting, cash out etc.

Sports betting is a lot more dynamic these days. There have been many great innovations, adding extra spice to the sports betting adventure. Most betting sites now have features like live betting, cash out and bet builders.

Some sites even allow us stream matches live on our PCs and mobile devices. The most features that are available on the site, the better the bookie.

Betting Odds

Some inexperienced punters do not pay great attention to betting odds because they believe that odds are the same across all betting sites. However, this is not the case. Yes, betting odds may appear similar, but there are differences from site to site.

We always advise that you find a betting site that offers high odds in all their markets so that you can get the best value from your bets.

Mobile Betting

With the rapidly improving technology in Ghana, online sports betting is now going mobile. Many Ghanaian bettors now bet on their mobile devices, as against betting on PCs or visiting physical betting shops.

Hence, any serious betting site in Ghana must have a good mobile betting platform.

Some bookmakers have mobile apps, while others have mini-sites optimized for all mobile devices. Either way, a good betting site makes mobile betting convenient for its customers.

These are just some of the qualities that make up a great betting site. If a betting site scores high in all of the features listed above, then you should go ahead and sign up on that betting site!

1xBet: One of the best sports betting sites in Ghana

Explore the wonderful variety on 1xBet Ghana

Boasting an incredibly large sportsbook, attractive welcome bonus and easy deposit methods for Ghanaian players, 1xBet is easily one of the best betting sites in Ghana.

The site possesses a packed live betting section and has generous cash out offers. 1xBet Ghana also has the live streaming feature!

It is arguably the most complete betting site in Ghana.

Sign up on 1xBet and get up to GHS 550 as welcome bonus!

Open a sports betting account

Once you have identified the betting site that meets your preferences, the next thing to do is to sign up on that betting site.

Opening a sports betting account in Ghana is one of the easiest steps in the online betting journey.

All you have to do is to click a few buttons, supply some basic personal information and confirm your registration. Signing up should not take more than a couple of minutes.

If a betting site is taking too long to create your account, it is best to leave that site and try out another. The registration process should be simple and hassle-free.

All the bookies on this page allow you to sign up without any problems.

How to sign up on a sports betting site

Obviously, different betting sites have their own unique sign up processes, but most bookies tend to follow a general rule.

You are always required to fill up a registration form, providing details like your full names, phone number and email address.

Some bookies will send a confirmation code to your phone number and ask that enter this code on their sites.

Some other betting sites will send an activation link to your email address. Once you click this link, you will gain access to all the wonderful features of the site.

If you are ready to sign up on a betting site in Ghana, click the claim button beside any of our recommended bookies.

Best Betting Sites in Ghana

  1. Free Bets Up To GHS 200

  2. 200% Up To GHS 550

  3. 100% Up To GHS 750

  4. 200% up to GHS 600

Deposit money on a sports betting site

Now that you have signed up on a sports betting site in Ghana, you are almost ready to start placing bets.

However, you still have to complete one very important assignment. You need to deposit money into the betting site.

If you have chosen a betting site from our list, making deposits will be very easy and convenient for you. The same cannot be said about every betting site in Ghana.

Some bookies don't accept Ghanaian cedis and have very strange deposit methods. You should run away from these kinds of sites.

All of our betting sites accept our cedis and have our popular payment methods like MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo. Some sites also have cards deposits, while other allow payments via e-Wallets like Neteller and Skill.

Best deposit methods in Ghana

✅ Mobile Money: MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo

✅ Cards Deposits: Visa and MasterCard

✅ E-Wallets: Neteller, Skill

✅ Online Bank Transfer

How to deposit money into a sports betting site in Ghana

  1. Sign up on the betting site. You can choose from the bookies we have listed on MBS Ghana
  2. Log in to your sports betting account
  3. Click "Deposit"
  4. Select your preferred deposit method
  5. Enter your payment details
  6. Enter your deposit amount
  7. Confirm your transaction

With deposit methods like mobile money and cards deposits, your betting account will be credited instantly.

Get your welcome bonus

Right. This is one of the most interesting parts of the online betting journey.

After depositing some money into your betting account, you are free to start placing bets on your betting site.

We know that you are very eager to place your first bet, but do not get to excited and forget to claim your welcome bonus!

Most betting sites in Ghana have welcome bonus offers for new customers.

A welcome bonus is a sort of gift from the betting site, thanking you for choosing their site over rival bookies.

Welcome bonus offers usually come in the form of cash rewards. The most popular type of welcome bonus is the first deposit bonus.

When you sign up on a betting site and make a deposit, you will be rewarded with a percentage of the deposit amount as welcome bonus.

For instance, a betting site like 22Bet has a 100% first deposit bonus. This means that 22Bet will give you a welcome bonus worth the exact value of your first deposit.

Hence, if you sign up on 22Bet Ghana and make a first deposit of GHS 100, you will get an extra GHS 100 as welcome bonus.

Sport bonus:

100% Up To GHS 750

Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.40 Bonus code: No Code

Start placing bets on sports betting sites in Ghana

Find a sports betting site in Ghana ✅

Open a account on a sports betting site ✅

Make a deposit on the betting site ✅

Claim your welcome bonus ✅

If you have done all of the above, you are ready to start placing bets on sports betting sites in Ghana!

Let us now show you a step-by-step guide on how to place a bet on a betting site in Ghana.

How to place a bet

  1. Log in to your sports betting account (Make sure that you have some money in your account)
  2. Enter the sportsbook of the betting site (This is usually done by clicking "Sports" on the home page
  3. Select the sport you want to bet on
  4. Navigate to the specific event you want to wager on (For example, Arsenal vs Chelsea in the EPL; Hearts of Oaks vs Asante Kotoko in the GPL etc.)
  5. Select the odds that match your prediction (Your selections will be registered on a betslip on the right of the page)
  6. After making your selections, go to your betslip and enter your stake. You will be able to see your potential winnings
  7. Go over the selections your betslip one more time and make sure that you are happy with your picks
  8. Confirm your bets

You have now placed a bet on a sports betting site in Ghana.

Your stake will be deducted from your betting account. If your bet is successful, your winnings will be credited to your account.

You will be able to withdraw your winnings via any of the withdrawal methods available on your betting site.

What sports can you bet on in Ghana?

Many Ghanaians are football fans, and by extension, are football betting fans. Hence, most sports betting sites in Ghana are very heavy on football betting.

In fact, the best betting sites in Ghana are the sites with the best football betting markets. Any site that is poor is football betting is unlikely to succeed in the Ghanaian market.

Having said that, football is not the only sport that Ghanaians bet on.

We bet on many other sports, including tennis, basketball, handball and rugby.

On the average, a good betting site offers as much as 20 sports in its sportsbook, while some sites like 1xBet Ghana have up to 40 sports in their catalogue.

Sports betting laws in Ghana

Within three years of gaining independence from Great Britain, Ghana created her first sports betting law- the Lotteries Betting Act 1960. This Act guided sports betting until 2006, when the Gaming Act 2006 was introduced.

The Gaming Act made it legal for players in Ghana to take part in sports betting activities, while entrusting the responsibility of regulating the industry on the Gaming Commission of Ghana. This body has the task of screening and issuing licenses to local and international betting sites in Ghana.

Start your sports betting journey

Sports betting in Ghana is great fun and entertainment. In fact, you can even make some decent money from betting, as long as you have luck on your side!

If you are ready to start your sports betting journey, feel free to choose any of our recommended betting sites below.

Best Betting Sites in Ghana

  1. Free Bets Up To GHS 200

  2. 200% Up To GHS 550

  3. 100% Up To GHS 750

  4. 200% up to GHS 600