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Is it Possible to Make Money While Betting Online? Find Out Now!

21 November 2019

Making money on online betting is possible, but not easy. In this article, we reveal how to get started on your journey to make money with online betting.

The question about the possibility of making money with online betting is one that we get asked quite often. A lot of people in India are attracted to online betting because they have been told by their cousin or friend that they can make money by betting online. So is it true? Is it actually possible to make money with online betting? The short answer is yes. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

To make money with online betting, you need to become a certain type of player. There are roughly 2 different types of players. They are called hobby players and professional players. Only professional players make money consistently with online betting. We will now talk about what characterizes a hobby player and a professional player.

Hobby players

Most players in the online betting world place bets for the sake of entertainment. We call these players hobby players. They may think they are making money because they win the occasional bet. However, the hobby players are actually not making any substantial profits over the long run. They just enjoy the thrill of potentially being able to make a big win. And this is the entertainment they are paying for.

Hobby players mainly place bets on their favorite teams. They do this as a way to feel invested in the match and support their team. They don't really analyze the potential outcome of the match. They believe their own team will win, they hope for it and they bet on it. This is usually how the hobby player conducts himself. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. There is no clear system or logic to it.

Professional players

On the other side of the spectrum, we have what we call professional players. These are the people who play to make money, not to have fun. They may still enjoy the act of betting, but only if they win money. Recreational bettors measure their own success according to how much profit they have made over an extended period of time. Their aim is to be able to take money out and live from the proceeds of their betting.

Recreational bettors use systems and analytics to guide when placing bets. They stick to their system or strategy to make sure they always stay consistent. But above all, they learn everything they can about the particular sport and team they are betting on. In online betting, knowledge gives you an advantage. Professional bettors realize this and use it to their advantage.

Becoming a professional player

So to answer the question we asked in the beginning of the article, it is absolutely possible to make money consistently with online betting. However, it’s not as easy as it’s made out to be. In order to make money with online betting, you need to become a professional player. You do this by adopting a learning attitude. You need to learn and learn until you feel confident that you can place a winning bet.

To become a professional player, you need to separate yourself from the match. Do not be emotionally attached to a game. Look at it from a statistical point of view. Learn everything you can about the match. This will give you a statistical advantage over the betting site. You should only place a bet if you feel like you have an advantage over the betting site. Otherwise leave it, and move on to another match.

Becoming a professional money-making sports bettor takes time and concerted effort. If you think you have what it takes to make money with online betting, then we highly encourage you to go forth and learn everything you can about sports betting. We will be at your side to guide you in whatever way you need. Best of luck!